Monday November 1, 2010

Voting is a Moral Obligation: Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 1, 2010 ( – The president of Priests for Life is urging pro-lifers to mobilize immediately as the country heads into a potentially critical election that could put the brakes on the radical agenda of the pro-abortion Obama administration.

With just a day to go before the 2010 elections, Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, is urging all pro-life voters to heed their duty to vote in support of the cause of life.

“While voting is always a moral obligation, sometimes that obligation is stronger than at other times. This is especially true when pro-life people have an opportunity to elect, in a close race, someone who is committed to protect the unborn, and remove from office someone else who isn’t,” Father Pavone said. “It is also true when the balance of power in a legislative body can be changed by the election.

“We have a moral obligation to vote in such a way that will do the most to advance the culture of life.”

Voter turnout could play a major role in Tuesday’s battle.

A Gallup poll released Tuesday found a vigorous projected turnout among voters favoring the pro-life Republican Party. According to the pollster, likely GOP voters outweigh likely Democrat voters 55 percent to 40 percent, which will likely help tip several close elections towards an even greater Republican majority in the U.S. House and possibly even the Senate.

Pavone also encouraged pro-lifers to visit for more ideas about how to help on Tuesday, including taking the day off to distribute voter guides, volunteer for campaigns and for poll-watching, and taking people to the polls.

“We each have one vote, but we can also influence thousands of other votes,” said Pavone.

The website also features a recent interview by Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura in the Vatican, in which he advised citizens to vote for the most pro-life candidate possible.

“You may in some circumstances where you don’t have any candidate who is proposing to eliminate all abortion, choose the candidate who will most limit this grave evil in our country, but you could never justify voting for a candidate who not only does not want to limit abortion but believes that it should be available to everyone,” said Burke.

Click here to hear Priests for Life’s latest national webcast on the importance of voting.

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