Vice President Pence: We will permanently ban taxpayer funding of abortion

'This is our time,' he told the nation's largest conservative conference.
Thu Feb 23, 2017 - 7:32 pm EST
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Vice-President Mike Pence at 2017 CPAC Steve Jalsevac/LifeSite

OXON HILL, National Harbor, Maryland, February 23, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Vice President Mike Pence has promised the nation's largest gathering of conservatives that the Trump administration will permanently ban taxpayer funding of abortion.

This evening, Vice President Pence told the Conservative Political Action Conference that President Trump is already "restoring the culture of life" in America. 

"Under his leadership, we are making America great again," said Pence. He listed "restoring the culture of life" and upholding the Constitution as some of the ways Trump is rebuilding the country. 

"Because of President Donald Trump, life is winning in America again," Pence said later in his speech. "Last month he reinstated the Mexico City Policy…and we will make the Hyde Amendment permanent."

In January, the U.S. House voted to permanently ban taxpayer funding of abortion. The bill if passed would make the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal money from being used to fund abortions through Medicaid, permanent rather than subject to annual renewal. Trump promised to sign the legislation.

Vice-President Trump at CPAC 2017. SOURCE: Steve Jalsevac/LifeSIte

"This is our time," he told the nation's largest conservative conference. "President Trump will fight for you every single day."

"President Trump is a man of his word, and we’re keeping the promises he made to the American people…we’re in the promise-keeping business," said Pence. He said Trump told him, "Mike, get me the best," when it came to appointing conservatives to his cabinet.

Pence drew roaring applause for saying that no state would be forced to adopt Common Core. Much of his speech emphasized national security and repealing Obamacare. 

Pence said the Trump administration believes in "respect for the Constitution and the values that have made America great and a deep and abiding faith in the goodness of the American people."

"We need one more thing, if you're inclined," Pence asked after encouraging conservatives to mobilize. "We need your prayers...I’m confident that with your help and with God’s help and with President Donald Trump in the White House…the best days for America are yet to come. Let’s get to work."

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