Vulgar website targets Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli for rejecting abortion compromise

As the pro-life leader vows to hold abortion clinics accountable, his opponents promise to protest his appearances.
Thu Jul 19, 2012 - 9:41 am EST

RICHMOND, Virginia, July 19, 2012, ( – Virginia’s pro-life attorney general Ken Cuccinelli is no stranger to controversy or name-calling. As he has moved to hold the state’s abortion clinics to the highest health and safety standards, he finds himself the subject of a vulgar website that encourages pro-abortion protesters to trail him around the state.

Although the state of Virginia passed a law regulating the state’s abortion facilities in the same manner as hospitals, on June 15 the state Board of Health voted to waive one architectural regulation by a vote of 7-4. Reportedly, 17 of the state’s 21 abortion clinics could not afford the overhaul and would have to close

Under state law, the attorney general offers his advice on pending statutes. Cuccinelli decided this week to reject the board’s unilateral decision to change the regulations, saying their vote violated the wording of the bill.

Cuccinelli spokesman Brian Gottstein said the attorney general’s job is “to provide our client with advice that we feel will ensure the regulations created are in compliance with the law the General Assembly passed. ... Whether or not the Board of Health takes our advice is its decision.” 

Since Cuccinelli did not certify the standards, they return to the Board of Health, which meets again on September 14.

Governor Bob McDonnell, who is reported to be on the short list for the vice presidential spot on this year’s Republican ticket, said through a spokesman that he will wait to see how the board votes before weighing in.

In the aftermath of Cuccinelli’s decision, a website mocking him has received prominent news coverage. – a play on the pro-life leader’s name and a slang biological term – stated it would post Cuccinelli’s upcoming public appearances, so pro-abortion protesters could follow him.

“The Cooch has been keeping an eye on your vagina, so now we’re going to keep an eye on him,” the website says.

(Click “like” if you want to end abortion! )

The website’s introductory video, shot in the style of a roving reporter, likens the attorney general to a weather front and indicates “We’re keeping an eye,” faux reporter Lacey Landry says as she points to her eye, “on the Cooch.”

Cuccinelli spoke at’s fundraising dinner this spring, saying is “the homepage for one of the computers in our house.”

His office seemed unimpressed by the launch. Although the website claims to “have an army of allies standing with us,” a Cuccinelli spokesmen notes the website had attracted a total of six Twitter followers., hate, ken cuccinelli, virginia

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