Wales to ‘embed’ LGBT sex ed into all school curriculum, beginning in kindergarten

The country is changing a lot of what it teaches in schools and will embed sex ed into different subjects.
Thu May 24, 2018 - 4:24 pm EST
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WALES, May 24, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – “LGBT-inclusive” sex education will be woven into the curriculum in Welsh schools beginning in 2022, starting with preschool-age children.

The country’s public education system is making a number of changes to its curriculum and teacher training over the next decade or so. Wales used to ban the “promotion of homosexuality in schools” but is ditching that approach to teach for one that focuses more on “rights, gender equity, emotions and relationships,” The Guardian reports.

Children will be taught about the government’s view of sexuality not as a separate class or subject. It will be “embedded across the curriculum.”

“It will form a statutory part of Wales’s new curriculum...for all children aged from five to 16,” The Guardian reported. 

LGBT activists have celebrated the announcement as “great news” because “our research shows that a majority of LGBT young people here in Wales have heard nothing about LGBT issues in the classroom.”

The new curriculum will officially be released in April 2019, according to the Welsh government. The Guardian suggested the sex ed changes are an “overhaul” that might make Wales a “global leader” in sex education.

As the LGBT movement has picked up steam, sex education in most Western countries – and now in developing countries, thanks to strings-attached money from wealthier nations – promotes abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and the notion that people can “switch” genders.

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