TORONTO, September 13, 2013 ( – Pro-life women at the vanguard of a new kind of feminism honoring fertility as real beauty and power are raving about an “amazing app” that they say “changes a girl’s life”.

“I have been using this app for years now called Period Tracker,” said Shantel Jose, project manager for Campaign Life Coalition. “It's one of those amazing apps that changes a girl's life… you enter your last period and it will predict your period from now until eternity.”


Shantel, 22, who has degrees in criminology and education from the University of Toronto, told that every woman, whether pro-life or not, will find fertility awareness apps such as Period Tracker helpful for gaining a “greater awareness and appreciation of the natural power of our bodies.”

Period Tracker, available for free on many platforms, calculates a woman’s average cycle based on her past menstrual cycles to predict the start date of her next period. Pink flowers appear on the app’s main window during ovulation, signifying fertility.

Accuracy in fertility awareness apps is limited since a woman’s fertility cycle varies and many women do not have a regular cycle. But Shantel said that such an app is nevertheless valuable since it teaches young women to “embrace her own body and all of it's potential.”

“Women have been lied to for years that their fertility is something that must be controlled through artificial means,” she said. “This app reflects the reality that our fertility is a deeply rooted part of our natural bodies which have been beautifully created and designed.”

“Rather than destroy, disregard, and dissociate ourselves from our natural menstrual cycle, this app gives us an opportunity to become more mindful of our wonderfully created femininity,” she said.

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Married women who want a foolproof fertility monitor to aid them in postponing pregnancy will have to upgrade to Lady-Comp, a bio-mathematical device that tracks fertility based on daily basal body temperature readings. Independent clinical studies show the device to be 99.3 percent reliable.

GP Apps, producer of Period Tracker, seemingly understands that responsibility goes hand-in-hand with sex.


“The only fail-safe method to prevent unwanted pregnancies is abstinence from sexual intercourse,” the app’s built-in instructions states. “If one chooses to engage in sex, we sternly recommend understanding the risks.” 

Shantel said she was delighted to see abstinence promoted on “something as cool as an app.”

“The app makers recognize that having sex could result in pregnancy. They are right to remind women that actions have consequences,” she said.

Shantel said that her pro-life friends have been “pretty darn excited” about the app.

“It’s an awesome app,” Shantel will tell her friends: “Every pro-life women should know about it.”