WaPo columnist: Fox News ‘radicalizes people,’ must be ‘shut down’

Boot called on cable companies who host Fox News, like Comcast and Charter Spectrum, to 'kick Fox News off,' along with One America News and Newsmax.
Thu Jan 21, 2021 - 6:06 am EST
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Washington Post columnist Max Boot. Firing Line with Margaret Hoover | PBS / YouTube

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WASHINGTON, D.C., January 21, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In lockstep with Big Tech companies’ recent blackout of conservative voices across social media, Washington Post columnist Max Boot called yesterday for expanding censorship to Fox News. “Just as we do with foreign terrorist groups,” he wrote in yesterday’s op-ed, “so with domestic terrorists: We need to shut down the influencers who radicalize people and set them on the path toward violence and sedition.”

Boot applauded Big Tech monopolies for shutting down the president’s voice and the voices of many other conservative leaders and called for the same censorship of Fox News. “Anyone who cherishes our democracy should be grateful to the management of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites for their newfound sense of social responsibility. We should expect at least the same level of responsibility from broadcast media — and in particular from Fox News, which has the largest reach on the right.”

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Boot cited opinions from Fox Business host Lou Dobbs and conservative radio personality Mark Levin as proof of Fox’s complicity in insurrection that needs to be banned.

“According to NPR, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs said Trump’s opponents in the government were guilty of ‘treason’ and that it would be ‘criminal’ for Republicans to recognize Biden’s victory. Fox News host Mark Levin told viewers: ‘If we don’t fight on Jan. 6 on the floor of the Senate and the House — and that is the joint meeting of Congress on these electors — then we are done.’”

Boot is just one of many leftists calling for an increase of censorship and silence from those who oppose their political worldview. National Public Radio (NPR) has called the recent countless cancelations of conservative voices a “reckoning” and is also pointing fingers at Fox News.

NPR quoted Nicole Hemmer, “a favorite of Brian Stelter on CNN” and a historian who “specializes in conservative media.” Liberal-leaning Hemmer is working on the Obama Presidency Oral History at Columbia University and has accused Trump of drawing from “racism and fascism and anti-democratic forces.” Hemmer claims that Fox News is to blame for the Capitol breach. “If they were prioritizing for democracy, they would scrub all this misinformation from their airwaves. They would acknowledge and even apologize for spreading misinformation about the election that helped fuel the insurrection at the Capitol.”

In a final note, Boot proposed the means to ban conservative media: more government regulation. The U.K. does not have its own version of Fox News, he opined, because the government intervenes and gives out “hefty fines” to broadcasters who “violate minimum standards of impartiality and accuracy.”

He did not clarify who would be in charge of determining impartiality and accuracy.

“The United States hasn’t had that,” Boot complained, “since the Federal Communications Commission stopped enforcing the ‘fairness’ doctrine in the 1980s. As president, Biden needs to reinvigorate the FCC. Or else the terrorism we saw on Jan. 6 may be only the beginning, rather than the end, of the plot against America.”

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