OMAHA, NE, March 6, 2014 ( – Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has donated over $100 million to pro-abortion groups, many of which directly pay for women’s abortions, according to a new report at National Review.

Buffett, 83, is the world’s fourth richest person, according to Forbes.  In 2012, he was the number one philanthropist in the U.S.  He has famously pledged to give away 99 percent of his estimated $60 billion net worth to charity before he dies.

But Buffett’s philanthropic largesse has a dark streak.  An avid promoter of population control, he uses his charitable foundation to funnel tens of millions of dollars into abortionists’ coffers every year – much of it in the form of direct funding for actual abortions.  In 2011 alone, he gave $115 million to abortion advocacy groups, with the bulk of it going to organizations that pay for lower-income women’s abortions.

“Buffett is not widely known as an abortion advocate, but his contributions dwarf those of better-known members of the pro-choice movement,” wrote report author Betsy Woodruff, who collected as much financial data as she could find on Buffett’s pro-abortion giving – information she said was often difficult to find, as Buffett tries to keep his population control efforts under the radar. 

After reviewing the data, Woodruff wrote, “it’s clear the foundation pours millions into pro-choice organizations, with a special focus on funding for abortions. In addition to funding general women’s health organizations and some political groups, Buffett gives generously to organizations that use their funds specifically to help women pay for abortions.”

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For instance, in 2010, Buffett gave $21 million to the National Abortion Federation Hotline Fund, which subsidizes women who want abortions, but can’t pay for them.  The organization has a yearly operating budget of about $26 million.

In 2011, Buffett funneled $40 million to Planned Parenthood and another million to the Abortion Access Project, which seeks to expand abortion into places like Catholic hospitals and socially conservative communities where the practice is forbidden or discouraged.  The million given to the AAP represented about one-third of its income for the entire year.  The group also uses that funding to promote abortion to pregnant women.

But Buffett’s abortion funding isn’t limited to U.S. groups.  His foundation gave $16 million to abortion conglomerate DKT International, which boasts on its website that it aborted 1.2 million unwanted children in India, Ethiopia, Mozambique and elsewhere last year.   Buffett also heavily funded Gynuity Health Projects, a campaign to bring abortion drug RU-486 to developing countries.

Wrote Woodruff: “That’s a tiny slice of the support Buffett directs to organizations seeking to make abortion cheaper, more accessible, and less politically toxic. Buffett is consistently mum on abortion issues; he doesn’t put his mouth where his money is. But a look at his charitable giving suggests the pro-abortion movement has no better ally than the beloved Cornhusker billionaire.”

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