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OLYMPIA, Washington (LifeSiteNews) — Children in fifth and sixth grade have been subjected to sexually explicit lessons relating to gender ideology, according to a recent report based on parental testimony. 

Parents of elementary students in the Olympia School District (OSD) in Washington state recently told The Jason Rantz Show that their nine- to 11-year-olds were exposed to material including the promotion of puberty blockers and graphic images of male and female genitalia. All explicit material reportedly came from unapproved lesson plans that were not shared with parents. 

According to a report by KTTH, students at Lincoln Elementary school were given sexually explicit material — courtesy of Planned Parenthood — on May 9. The content included a pamphlet teaching the kids that they could choose their gender and pronouns and opt for puberty blockers instead of developing normally. 

The drugs were presented as “supplies that could be helpful during puberty.” Kids were also asked “what feels good to you,” referring to “preferred pronouns.” A list of various so-called “gender identities” were also given to the students, including “trans, intersex, drag king, trans femme, agender person [and] nonbinary.” 

Through graphic images, the young children were exposed to graphic images of female genitalia and depictions of “intersex variation” with male and female genitals. The school’s principal sent an email to parents after the incident. 

“I want to make you aware that materials that are not part of the school district’s approved sexual health curriculum were distributed on May 9th in class,” reads the email, obtained by The Jason Rantz Show. “We are investigation [sic] the matter and working with staff to get more information to determine next steps.” 

Weeks after the incident, OSD board members announced the district’s endorsement of “pride” month in June 2023. During a May 25 meeting, officials read from a proclamation and committed to “affirm that supportive school environments substantially improve the mental health and school engagement of LGBTQIA+ [sic] students.” 

“The month of June is an opportunity to celebrate the narratives, identities, and contributions of those within the LGBTQIA+ [sic] community,” the declaration continues. “We recognize the struggle for equal rights continues today and are committed to expanded partnerships, policy reviews and updates, and opportunities to exercise learning courage that further our journey toward Gender-Inclusive [sic] Schools.” 

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Washington state law has no restrictions on gender confused minors accessing drugs or surgeries to “affirm” their so-called “gender identity.” 

Planned Parenthood pushes gender ideology on children 

The unapproved lesson was reportedly given by an adult associated with Planned Parenthood’s “youth leadership peer education program” Teen Council, which arranges for kids to teach other students “sex education.”

According to the abortion giant’s website, “Teen Council groups are made up of a diverse group of 10-12th grade volunteers and led by a highly trained and passionate sexual health educator.” The program is designed to “focus on sex education, advocacy, and social justice,” including “classroom presentations on sexual health topics, community impact projects, and advocating for sexual and reproductive rights [sic].” 

Specific topics which are covered in these presentations include “safer sex, relationships, and consent.” High school volunteers commit to the program for one academic year, which consists of “a three-day retreat” and weekly meetings to “learn about sexual health topics” including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and “sexual orientation.” Each year, Planned Parenthood also hosts a “Lobby Day,” which it describes as “your chance to have your voice heard by your elected officials.” 

But this is not the only way in which the abortion giant seeks to push gender ideology on vulnerable children. In addition to being the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood has become the second-largest organization to distribute irreversible puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to gender-confused youth.  

Puberty blockers have been shown to cause serious health issues such as brain swelling and infertility, and cross-sex hormones are associated with life-threatening cardiac problems and increased suicidality.


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