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AUBURN, Washington (LifeSiteNews) — A public school teacher from Washington state gained national attention last week for a social media post indicating her support of school policies designed to keep secrets from so-called “Christo-fascist” parents. 

Kelly Love is an English teacher at Auburn High School whose comments regarding a conservative opinion on social media circulated on Twitter, attracting the spotlight as the latest blunt advocacy for denying parental rights in education. 

Ian Prior, senior advisor at American First Legal who speaks out against critical race theory and gender ideology in schools, posted a screenshot of the concerning tweets on February 24, saying that the teacher “thinks schools don’t go far enough to keep secrets about their students.” 

“So many students are not safe in this nation from their Christo-fascist parents,” Love wrote. “And our guidelines and laws haven’t caught up with this.” 

Love, whose account now “doesn’t exist” on Twitter, was responding to a conservative post warning parents to “check your school districts’ policy regarding keeping info about YOUR child secret from you.” The post added that schools “should not have the right” to keep such secrets from parents and criticized “scary policies” that push parents away from their children. 

Prior also pointed out that in another response to a comment about “how few educators have a working knowledge of the history of racism and oppression” in America, Love indicated her belief that most female, Caucasian teachers support “white supremacy.”

“80% of teachers are white women,” Love claimed. “And at least statistically, over 50% of them vote for upholding white supremacy and patriarchy.” 

Love posted a blog entry on her website, “Mrs. Love’s Blog-o-Rama,” on March 4, reiterating claims that fascism is taking over America and bashing white women as key players in enabling so-called white supremacy.  

“Their hate is the most equalitarian thing about them,” Love wrote, presumably about those who disagreed with or criticized her social media comments. “They hate and fear everyone, even themselves.” 

“It’s about well-funded, targeted attacks at whole communities, taking them apart, dividing them …. If it was my turn to draw their time and funding/energy at me, okay.”  

Love continued to slight parents trying to protect their children from indoctrination, saying that “our children grow up” and when they begin making their own decisions, “that’s terrifying for some families.” 

“And adults with children who do not want their children to grow up and make decisions for themselves, and will blame anyone but their own actions. So, when an adolescent shares with a friend that their mom will kick them out of the house if they are LGBTQ+ [sic], or a student breaks up with a boyfriend, we’re the first line of defense.” 

Love added that “parents and guardians are always informed” of personal information shared with teachers and school officials. She also said, “I deactivated my Twitter account” because Elon Musk “weaponized the trolls, gave them all blue checks, and then put a dome over it.” 

In a June 27 post in a blog series titled “white people homework,” Love wrote, “white people: fair warning. This might hurt a little. But you’re tough, right? You can take criticism, reflect, pray, meditate, and reconsider your opinion if you realize it’s doing harm to others. I mean, golden rule and all that.” 

Love’s recent comments against concerned parents are just another segment in the nationwide saga of local and federal officials striving to push conservative parents out of their children’s education. 

In 2021, a whistleblower exposed the Biden administration’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for using counter-terror tools against parents who object to certain educational practices such as the teaching of critical race theory and radical gender ideology. Similarly, a group of left-wing Loudoun County school teachers ganged up on parents who disagreed with the ideologies being pushed on their children with a plan to “expose” them. 

In January, a Tennessee high school teacher went viral on social media after posting a video rant in which she threatened to quit the education field because conservatives pushing back against indoctrination in the classroom are “starting to take over education.” More recently, newly surfaced emails showed that officials within a Colorado school district agreed that gender-confused kids should be called their “preferred” names and pronouns at school even if their parents object, further undermining parental rights in education.  


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