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April 28, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said on Monday that he would “use the Department of Justice to go after” pro-life states if he is elected.

After telling the audience during an MSNBC town hall event that he would expand funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, Sanders said:

And it is no secret that in states all over this country, in a dozen different ways, there are governors and legislatures who are trying to make it impossible for a woman to control her own body.

I will use the Department of Justice to go after those states in every way that I legally can. I believe that in the United States of America women have that right to control their own body, and I find that, I must say, completely hypocritical for my Republican colleagues who tell us every day how much they hate government, how they want to get government out of our life, but they think that local state and federal government have the right to tell you and every woman in America what she can do with her body.

That is hypocrisy.

Sanders went on to tell MSNBC’s Chris Hayes that the second most important quality of his potential Supreme Court nominees would be their willingness to “protect a woman’s right to choose.”

The Obama administration’s Department of Justice has already threatened states that are defunding Planned Parenthood over its baby parts trafficking scandal and used its political force to promote transgender bathroom policies.

The relevant portion of Sanders’s MSNBC appearance is found from 38:04 – 40:15 in the below video:



Obama admin warns states that defunding Planned Parenthood violates federal law