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WATCH: Bishop Morlino says don’t ‘spaz out’ over election results at Thanksgiving

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BALTIMORE, Maryland, November 24, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Participating as an adult in a democracy means “you don’t spaz out if your candidate doesn’t win the election,” Bishop Robert Morlino told LifeSiteNews in a video interview.

“The idea that families are going to have a difficulty on Thanksgiving Day because of who won the election, boggles my mind,” he said. "We are at a time when healing and reconciliation are so deeply needed in our country.”

Morlino, who is the Catholic bishop of Madison, Wisconsin, said that Catholics are called to be healers in the wake of a divisive election. 

“When I hear that family members have stopped speaking with each other and other such things like that, I just can’t believe it,” said Morlino. “People are always going to be disappointed at the results of a certain election, but I think a lot of our people have been educated—kind of indoctrinated—to lose it if they lose the election."

“Very clearly, I was not happy when President Obama was elected to a second term,” he said. “Not at all…I don’t like to put it this way, but I didn’t need a dog to hug.”

“If Secretary Clinton had won the election, I would be happy to cooperate as much as I could but while taking clearly my stance on all the life issues and making it clear to our Catholic people that if that anti-life agenda is promoted, we cannot go along there,” Morlino continued. “But I would’ve done that with reason and with conviction.” 

“Everything we do” must be done with “reason, conviction, charity,” said Morlino. 

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