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WATCH: Bishop Schneider unmasks progressive Catholic doublespeak

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WASHINGTON, D.C., October 28, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Athanasius Schneider unpacked some of the most common progressive Catholic buzzwords at the end of a lecture in Washington, DC, earlier this month.

He said:

In these our dark times of doctrinal confusion, with its deceitful flashes of relativism, naturalism, anthropocentrism — oftentimes covered under the mask of ‘dialogue,’ under the mask of ‘pastoral accompaniment,’ under the mask of ‘surprises of the Holy Spirit’ — in these dark times of such phenomenon, let us often invoke Our Lady, Our Mother, with confidence and filial love: ‘Rejoice — Gaude — O Virgin, my Lady, for thou alone has destroyed all heresies in the whole world. Mother of God, intercede for us.’

Liberal prelates frequently use terms like “dialogue,” “pastoral accompaniment,” and “surprises of the Holy Spirit” to advocate for changes in Church teaching.

“Pastoral accompaniment” is a favorite buzzword of prelates like Cardinal Walter Kasper, who has long lobbied for the Catholic Church to change its teachings on sexual morality. He has declared victory in recent months, citing Pope Francis.

The pontiff himself uses language like “surprises of the Holy Spirit” and “dialogue,” much to the concern of many Catholics.

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