WATCH: Millennials will sign petition to save baby eagles, but not baby humans

'I fully support abortion,' one woman said after saying she wanted to save baby eagles.
Fri Sep 6, 2019 - 1:59 pm EST
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LOS ANGELES, California, September 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Many on the political Left are passionate about humane treatment of animals while favoring the destruction of preborn human beings, an inconsistency highlighted this week in a new video by Prager University (PragerU).

In the video, PragerU’s Will Witt presents several Los Angeles residents in Echo Park with a petition to protect eagle eggs from destruction (something that is already illegal under federal law). The reactions are uniformly positive, from “of course don’t kill eagles” to “for sure, yeah, definitely” to “I hope you save the eagles.” But those same signatories all change their tune when Witt reveals a second petition advocating the same protection for preborn humans.

When first told about the petition to “stop the killing of humans too, like babies,” respondents initially respond with “oh my God” and “I hate killing of babies,” but once they realize the question refers to abortion, they change to “wait, no, I don’t agree with that...I’m pro-abortion” and “oh no, I don’t agree.”

“I fully support abortion,” one young woman says, “I think because there’s specific, like, rape isn’t considered when you’re talking about—eagles aren’t raped.”

“Why do you support not the killing of unborn eagles, but the killing of unborn children?” Witt asks another woman, who doesn’t dispute that abortion kills children. “Um, I think it’s the mother’s decision,” she answers instead. “A human woman should have more rights probably than a bald eagle.”

“Anyone can make their own decision about their body,” argues a third respondent, who joked earlier that she had been drinking. “Babies are gross. You know what it does to your body? You’re not a woman so you’d have no idea.”

“If I wanna have a baby in like 10 years when I fall in love or whatever, like maybe yes I would want one baby, but I would never have more than one because I feel like that’s f***ed up,” the third woman says later. Will interjects to ask, “because of climate change?”

“Yeah, like we’re all gonna f***ing die soon,” she agrees.

In March, Democrat lawmakers embraced legislation to ban killing kittens for scientific research, while at the same time almost uniformly opposing legislation to require basic medical care for human newborns who survive failed abortions. Pro-lifers have long lamented the double-standard of left-wing subcultures passionately championing the inviolability of animal life while enthusiastically supporting abortion-on-demand.

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