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VIENNA (LifeSiteNews) — LifeSiteNews has had a rare opportunity to speak in person with a German expert on the effects of the Sexual Revolution.  

Catholic author and international speaker Gabriele Kuby argues that the overthrow of traditional sexual mores has led to immense suffering, cultural and moral decay, and millions of aborted babies every year. Her book The Global Sexual Revolution was translated into 15 languages and is one of the most thorough treatments of the issue. 

Kuby sat down with LifeSiteNews journalist Andreas Wailzer in Vienna to discuss the impact of the Sexual Revolution on our culture today. The German author furthermore talked about the ideological roots of this movement, the German Synodal Way, the infiltration of the Church, and the connection between rising abortion numbers and the normalization of contraception.  


“If you sexualize people, if you sexualize young people, if you sexualize the youth, you will bring down the family, you will bring down marriage, and you will create chaos in the whole of society,” Kuby said. 

“So, [it] is given by God [that] we are born in two sexes. We are attracted to each other. And this attraction is … very strong [because it gives life]. If we do not respect the limits, this sexual drive will dominate us.” 

“We see masses and masses of people addicted to pornography and addicted to their sexual drive. And the cost is that the love of their heart will not be fulfilled.” 

“The great promise of contraception was that it would reduce abortions,” Kuby said. However, the opposite happened as contraception “completely overturns the attitude to the child.” 

“The child is a gift from the Lord. It’s a gift all through the Old Testament… Life is a gift. We have not made life. Life is a gift from God. And a child is a gift from God. We destroy this attitude that a child is a gift; [instead] we say it’s a product of mine,” she continued.  

“If we become slaves of the sexual drive and cannot control it and cannot completely control fertility and have this idea, I decide over life and death, then abortion rises…[W]e are killing 73 million babies before they are born … every year.” 

Kuby traced the destruction of traditional sexual morality back to the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century. 

“I started in my book with the French Revolution because they actually put [a prostitute] on the altar [of Notre Dame Cathedral]” she said. “They did that to do away with old sexual limits, and it didn’t work out at all.” 

“All these promoters of the sexual revolution, anarchists and communists, [some of them] members of the Communist Party for a certain time, lived a completely chaotic sexual life.” 

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Kuby explained that all the thinkers who called for the upheaval of traditional sexual norms radically opposed the Catholic Church and its anthropology. 

“And these thinkers had to fight against this message [of the Catholic Church] because, of course, it was against [their own sexual practices] .” 

The ideas of the sexual revolutionaries could not be kept out of the Catholic Church though, Kuby said.

And all these influences found their way into the Church in the last 50 years,” she stated. “In the seventies, the seminaries were undermined by homosexuals. There’s this book, Goodbye Good Men. It shows how they were intentionally undermined by homosexual lobbyists who went into the seminaries.” 

The Global Sexual Revolution is a book about the predators,” Kuby concluded “Who are those who actually put that into action? Who put it into society? In the schools, in the kindergartens, in the universities, everywhere? Who were the people who did that, and how did they do it? That’s the [subject] of the Global Sexual Revolution. 

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