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Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims in his video prior to harassing the elderly woman.

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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, May 6, 2019, (LifeSiteNews) – A homosexual pro-abortion member of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives posted a self-incriminating video showing himself verbally assaulting an elderly Catholic woman praying in peaceful protest outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in his district, calling her an “old white lady” who was doing something “disgusting.”  

Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims posted his video on Twitter, which was then retweeted by LiveAction.  Within 24 hours, the video had been viewed over 400,000 times and had garnered nearly 5,000 comments.  

“Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims harasses an elderly woman who is peacefully advocating for the lives of preborn human beings and women who are considering abortion. This is shameful,” stated Live Action in its Tweet. 

During the course of Sim’s nearly nine minute video in which he stalks, taunts, harasses and accuses the unnamed woman, the state representative repeatedly attempts to shove his smartphone camera in the woman’s face. She quietly walked up and down the sidewalk during Sim’s outburst, seemingly unperturbed as she prayed a rosary. 

By the end of his video, Sims had hurled the words “Shame,” “Shameful,” or “Shame on you!” at the woman at least 18 times; He said what she was doing was “Disgusting,” or “Grotesque” more than a half dozen times; He accused her of being “racist,” and repeatedly attacked Christianity.    

Sims began his diatribe by calling the woman “an old white lady.”  It went downhill from there.  

“Who would’ve thought that an old white lady would be out in front of a Planned Parenthood, telling people what’s right for their bodies?” said Sims.  “Shame on you.”

“Shame on you for hiding your face at the same time you’re shaming other people,” he continued.  

Sims said to the woman that although she has a Constitutional right to protest, “that doesn’t  mean you have a moral right to be out here.”

“Shame on you,” repeated Sims, “What you’re doing out here is disgusting.”  

“This is wrong.  You have no business being out here,” said Sims, muttering once again,  “Disgusting.”   

“Shame on you.  Shame on you.  Shame.  Shame.  Shame on you,” said Sims.

Sims then began to denigrate Christianity.    

“There’s no faith that tells you 'you are right' and everybody else is wrong.  There’s no faith that tells you it’s your job to stand out here and shame people for something they have a right to do.”  

“This is disgusting.  This is wrong.  This is shameful,” said Sims.  

After praising a couple of men who were about to enter Planned Parenthood’s front door, Sims again targeted the woman with more verbal abuse in the same vein, saying what she was doing was “grotesque.” 

Sims then aimed his vitriol at Christians who believe in and understand the sanctity of all human life. 

“We can talk about your Christian faith,” continued Sims, “about how your Christian faith believes in shaming people.  About how your Christian faith believes in telling people that you know what’s right for their bodies. About how your Christian faith tells you that you know what’s right for their families.”

“Get your camera out of my face,” the woman finally said as she tried to navigate around Sims, who was hounding her.

Sims was undeterred.  “Let’s go protest out in front of her house and tell her what’s right for her body,” he said as the woman attempted to make a call on her cell phone.  

“Please call the cops. Tell them Representative Brian Sims is standing in his district, telling somebody that using the rights that they’re using to protest women coming into Planned Parenthood is disgusting, and it’s wrong, and it’s shameful.”  

“You have no business being out here,” declared Sims, “The rights that you have allowing you to be out here are very different from the moral standing that you think you have.”  

“There is nothing Christian about what you’re doing,” said Sims.  “There is nothing loving, nothing kind.  This is a racist act of judgment, and you have no business being out here.”  

Throughout his rant, Sims sought to use his harassment of the woman as an opportunity to fundraise for Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania, asking viewers to donate.  

“Let’s tell the right that we’re right and they are wrong,” said Sims.

“This is disgusting.  This isn’t Christianity.  This isn’t love.  This isn’t support.  This isn’t kindness,” he said. 

Sim’s video provokes a backlash

“Absolutely pathetic bullying by a tolerant progressive politician of an elderly woman exercising her right to free speech,” tweeted Dave Rubin after watching the video. “What an absolute embarrassment this guy is.”


“I love that she's quietly praying for him and others while he's being hysterical and awful to her,” remarked Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist and Fox News contributor. 


Mike Cernovich tweeted: Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims targeted a protester for her race and gender. “'An old white lady….' Why isn’t this banned as hate speech and racial discrimination,” he said.  

 “He’s an attorney as per his Twitter account. Would think, or hope, that this type of behavior – verbally abusing and harassing a solitary older Christian woman praying silently – would be frowned upon by the PA Bar Association if a formal ethics complaint was filed,” said John D. in a Tweet.


“The great state of Pennsylvania should be utterly embarrassed by having this man be a representative,” tweeted Catherine Ann Lambert. “He may believe and advocate for what he wants but this is not the way to do it. Absolutely zero professionalism.”

Sims:  'Bring it, Bible Bullies!'

Representative Sims responded to the Twitter storm he provoked saying, “Bring it, Bible Bullies! You are bigots, sexists, and misogynists and I see right through your fake morals and your broken values.”


Lila Rose, founder of Live Action responded, “Your rage is directed at the wrong place, Brian Sims.  Be angry at abortion & abortionists, who mislead women & girls, who profit off their fears & pain, who violently destroy the lives of children. This is our nation’s great injustice & the woman you harassed prays for its end.”

Respectful comments can be directed to Representative Brian Sims:

●    Philadelphia Office:  215-246-1501
●    Harrisburg Office:  717-783-4072