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(LifeSiteNews) — Hello, I’m Steve Jalsevac co-founder of LifeSiteNews. What you are going to see is a unique, exciting presentation from four Canadian medical freedom heroes. I don’t think you will have seen anything like this before. It is powerful, moving and personal.  

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Three of these professionals are physicians and the 4th, Dr. Byram Bridle, is an exceptionally competent virologist, vaccinologist and immunologist. He is on fire for the truth. They are ALL on fire for truth.

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All four have suffered persecution for adhering to the Hippocratic Oath. The doctors all had their medical licenses taken away and endured tremendous financial and other hardships for simply telling the truth about COVID and the COVID jabs, and for refusing to comply with unjust demands to support harmful government mandates and their many related lies.

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Drs. Mark Trozzi and Byram Bridle are also now internationally telling the truth on this giant, global medical fraud, the likes of which has never been experienced in human history and has been affecting every aspect of our lives. All 4 of these heroic people have come to understand the astonishing global agenda of COVID and the jabs that is threatening all mankind. Trozzi is heavily involved in the World Council for Health and LifeSiteNews recently published an article on Bridle’s powerful testimony at the European Union that LifeSiteNews reported and showed. You should take a look at our article on that presentation and more here.

I suggest you are privileged to witness these personal testimonies from their 2-hour panel presentation to our staff during the LifeSiteNews team’s recent annual meeting near Toronto. 

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You will learn a lot that you did not know from these amazing health truth professionals.  

During his talk at the previous night’s LifeSiteNews gala dinner, Bridle humbly explained his Tourette syndrome disability so that listeners would understand his frequent blinking, snorting and sniffing caused by that neurological condition he has had since childhood. It has obviously not stopped him from becoming an accomplished scientist and from making impressive speeches.

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One thing you may notice is how much these four highly respect each other and the exceptional unity of purpose, understanding and courage they have. They are loyal companions in a great battle.

Other than Dr. Mary O’Connor, a Catholic pro-life doctor, I knew very little, except what we had reported on their actions, about the other three who I asked to come to our gala and staff meeting. When I called them and asked if they could come, each one of them was thrilled and really appreciative that we would invite them. They all knew about and praised LifeSiteNews and they all knew each other very well. I didn’t expect that. These heroes really do need to be heard and they need our support for what they are doing for all of us and for humanity.

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So I invite you to enjoy and learn from these amazing three men and one woman. And please encourage others to also view the videos of these passionate, astonishingly informative and personal presentations. They will thank you for telling them about this.  


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