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(LifeSiteNews) – Extremist school administrators, COVID-19 school closures, and Terry McAuliffe’s aggressive pro-abortion campaign messaging helped Glenn Youngkin win Virginia’s gubernatorial race earlier this month, a Virginia-based political communications consultant told LifeSiteNews in a wide-ranging interview. Larry Ward, CEO of Political Media, explained that when parents were home with their kids during the initial coronavirus lockdown, they saw the divisive messages their kids were being told about race.

“It woke a lot of people up, even on the left,” said Loudoun County-based Ward. Loudoun County rose to international notoriety this year after the Daily Wire reported that the daughter of a father who was arrested for trying to speak at a school board meeting had been raped in a school bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt. One school board member resigned amidst the school district’s apparent cover-up of this rape and the transfer of the offending student to another school, where he subsequently attacked another girl.

Ward provided national and local context on the Loudoun County rape scandal and explained what Youngkin’s win and a truck driver’s defeat of the president of the New Jersey state senate signify for elections in 2022. He also predicted that the more Democrats “double down” on vaccine mandates, “the worse it’s going to get for Democrats” politically.


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