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NAPLES, Florida (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-Life filmmaker Jason Jones has said LifeSiteNews was indispensable in rescuing “hundreds and hundreds of families” from Afghanistan after the Biden administration’s chaotic military pullout from the country last August.

Raising over $500,000 on, a crowdfunding website run by LifeSiteNews, the Vulnerable People Project CEO thanked LifeSiteNews readers and donors at the news organization’s 25th Anniversary Gala in Naples on August 17.

“In just a matter of weeks, LifeSiteNews, sharing our (Vulnerable People Project) mission with their donors — who does that – raised half a million dollars,” Jones told the Gala audience. “And with that half a million dollars, we were able to evacuate and rescue from certain death hundreds and hundreds of Christian families.”

Jones said the heroes from the Afghan mission are his partners on the ground, LifeSiteNews and its donors who used to make the evacuations possible.

“And because of LifeFunder’s continued support, we kept 30,000 Christians and other minorities alive through a brutal winter last year that would have certainly starved,” he continued. “I want to thank you, because you truly are all that stands between a violent ideology and what would ravage our world. You are between the CCP and Cardinal Zen. You’re between the Uyghur and the government of China.”

“You’re between vulnerable women all over the world in an abortion industry that will devour them. You’re between Islamic extremists and the Christians of Syria. You’re between those Afghan children who are made orphans because their fathers were killed by the Taliban serving with us, and famine.”

Jones pointed to LifeSiteNews as “the most important apostolate in the world,” telling the Gala that the website had “knit the pro-life movement together into the largest, most passionate and diverse social movement in the history of the world” and that “when you support LifeSiteNews, you support Father Altman, you support Father Frank Pavone, you support Cardinal Zen, you support Cardinal Burke and Archbishop Vigano.”

Thanking all the sponsors of the Gala, Jones joked that he was afraid to mention, “because they’re kind of extreme,” the Coalition for Canceled Priests.

“And while we’re applauding that group of extremists, can I see you all have your symbols of extremism with you?” he quipped while pulling out his Rosary.

The Coalition for Canceled Priests and hundreds of other charities and individuals are using as a fundraising solution in an often hostile financial world, where de-platforming is a common occurrence.

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