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ROME, April 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — In exactly one month, the 2019 Rome Life Forum will be kicking off at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas near the Vatican. The annual two-day event, held Thursday and Friday, May 16–17, will feature top Catholic leaders discussing the most pressing issues facing the Church today. Three cardinals, two of whom signed the dubia (Cardinal Brandmüller and Cardinal Burke), will be present.

LifeSite will be on location livestreaming the event, which can be watched from the comfort of your living room. Two options are available for those who wish to watch the Rome Life Forum via video as it’s happening.

  • A 1-day pass for $35 will allow you to watch either Thursday’s or Friday’s presentations (scroll down for the full conference schedule).
  • If you want to watch both days of the Rome Life Forum and all the presentations, a $60 package can be purchased instead.

Click here to buy livestream access to this action-packed gathering of top pro-life and pro-family Catholic leaders.

For those interested in viewing the entire Rome Life Forum for free, there is an alternative option. First, purchase a two-day, $60 conference package from this website, being sure to sign up for the referral program. Then, refer five of your family members and friends to purchase a two-day, $60 package as well. When your fifth recommendation buys the package, we’ll refund your purchase! (If you've already purchased a conference package during John-Henry's webinar special, you can still earn a refund if you refer five people. Click here to participate. If you have questions about anything, just email [email protected])

The theme of this year’s Rome Life Forum conference is “City of God vs. City of Man — Global One World Order vs. Christendom.” The year 2019 marks the fifth anniversary of the event, which is hosted by Voice of the Family. The conference is co-sponsored by Associazione Famiglia Domani (Italy), Family Life International New Zealand, LifeSiteNews, Population Research Institute, and the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (U.K.). For details about lodging and meals, click here.

For LifeSite’s coverage of previous Rome Life Forum conferences, click the following: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014.

Below is a tentative schedule of the 2019 Rome Life Forum, with speakers and their respective topics listed next to their names.

Thursday, May 16 (All times Rome)

10:10 am — Fr. Wojciech Giertych O.P. (Angelicum)

10:20 am — His Excellency Willem Jacobus Cardinal Eijk (the Netherlands): Gender theory: a threat to the family and the announcement of the Christian faith

11:10 am — Professor Roberto de Mattei (Lepanto Foundation, Italy): Mysterium iniquitatis: from one world order to global chaos

12.30 am — John-Henry Westen (LifeSiteNews, Canada): Finding hope in the midst of the revolution

1:00 pm — Question and Answer

3:30 pm — Anthony Murphy (Catholic Voice, Ireland): On faith, life and the family in Ireland — example from the west

4:15 pm — Steve Mosher (Population Research Institute, USA): On faith, life and the family in China — example from the east

5:00 pm — Question and Answer

Friday, May 17

9:50 am — Fr. Kevin O’Reilly OP (Angelicum, Italy): Sacrificate sacrificium iustitiae: the transformation wrought by the cross of Christ

10:40 am — Dr. Alan Fimister (UK/USA): No abiding city – the challenge of St Augustine

12:00 pm — Fr. Linus Clovis (Family Life International NZ): The reign of Mary – mirror of the City of God

12:30 pm — Question and Answer

3:30 pm — Final session: “City of God vs City of Man” His Excellency Walter Cardinal Brandmüller and His Excellency Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke: Filial piety and national patriotism as essential virtues of citizens of heaven at work on earth

4:45 pm — Question and Answer