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UK coronavirus whistleblower Shelley TaskerFacebook / screenshot

November 6, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A healthcare assistant at a U.K. hospital publicly resigned in a viral video in which she claims that at the height of the coronavirus crisis she had “no work for three weeks” because there were “no patients.”

“We have a particular COVID ward. None of the wards were overflowing with COVID patients and they're not now,” Shelley Tasker, 43, a healthcare assistant at Treliske hospital in Cornwall, said.

Tasker said she was resigning after sharing an internal screenshot showing that last Friday there were only three coronavirus patients in the hospitals in her region.

“I did something really bad. I took a screenshot on Friday which shows the figures of how many people are in Treliske hospital with COVID and I shared it, because this should be public information,” she said.

“I can tell you on Friday in Treliske there were three people in with COVID. No extra deaths, three – and that covers Treliske, West Cornwall, and Hayle hospital,” Tasker continued.

“The total deaths from these three hospitals in seven months, is 76 people – that's about 10 people a month over the last 7 months, and we have locked down.” 

Daily Mail article covering the video stated that “NHS figures show that 67 people died from COVID-19 at Treliske hospital between March and September” and that “official data seems to back up her (Tasker’s) point – there were just four people with the virus receiving care at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust on October 29th.” 

Tasker highlighted that as far back as March 19 the government downgraded the status of COVID-19, removing it from their list of “high consequence infectious diseases.”

A second nationwide lockdown began yesterday, with just 37 MPs opposing the new restrictions that include a ban on religious services and all “non-essential” shops from opening.

Well-known Catholic MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, while voicing support for the new lockdown, which suppresses the Catholic Mass, described British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as “the most freedom-loving prime minister we could think of having.”

“Our economy is going to crash, small businesses, people are going to starve,” Tasker said of the second lockdown. 

“You think it's going to be a month? We were flattening the curve back in April – and this was when the disease was supposedly dying out. The lockdown came out then.”

Tasker noted that army troops have been sent to Liverpool, a major U.K. city, in order to administer mass coronavirus testing. “This is a warning, they are here for a while guys and people need to speak up.”