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Nami looking at her baby moving in her womb at 9 months. MIKE & NAMI plus / Youtube

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June 11, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A video showing a pregnant mother's surprise and delight at her preborn baby clearly pushing up on her tummy has resurfaced and is circulating on social media.                                      

The video shows a mother in her ninth month of pregnancy, Nami Cho, as her baby pushes against her tummy. The 24-year-old mother was pregnant with her third child. The young mother marveled as her baby moved around in her womb.

“She’s literally standing,” Nami said in the video. “What are you doing?” she asked her unborn daughter, caressing her baby bump. Nami felt her baby’s feet pushing against her womb. “The baby is stretching out her legs and we have a baby standing in (the) womb,” she said.

Nami, surprised by her baby’s actions, called for her family who came to share in the joy and wonder caused by the baby pushing against her tummy.

An earlier video, when Nami was six-months pregnant, showed the unborn baby kicking and moving around in her mother’s womb. Nami and her family marveled at her baby’s activity.  

When the video was posted on YouTube in July 2019, it received over half a million views. On June 10, 2020, the national director of Priests for Life, Fr. Frank Pavone, posted the video on twitter showing the active personality of the unborn baby.

“Beautiful viral video of an UNBORN baby standing in her mother's womb!” Fr. Frank Pavone tweeted. 

“What is significant about this video,” Fr. Frank Pavone said to LifeSiteNews. “Is that it allows us to touch the humanity of the unborn child, and that is the key to solving the abortion problem.”

“It’s not simply an abstract or conceptual debate,” he continued. “It’s about discovering and rediscovering the physical, human reality of these children whom we seek to protect. Their behavior, like stretching, yawning, and standing up, even from the womb, reminds us that they are one of us.”

“Now just about all of us – including those in this video — know that conceptually,” he explained. “But see how those in the video react with wonder and delight when what they already know manifests itself as they see and feel the baby standing up. It’s that deeper level of ‘knowing,’ and that wonder and awe, that we need everyone to experience, as we build the culture of life,” Pavone said. 

The birth of Nami’s baby was shown in a vlog posted on July 12, 2019. Nami and her husband, Michael, went to the hospital early the morning of July 9 for Nami’s third cesarian section.

“I’m so excited and nervous at the same time,” Nami said on the drive to the hospital. “She’s going to be so small and cute.”

The baby was welcomed into the world later that day at the North York General Hospital. When the little baby girl, named Mina, was given to her mother for the first time, the camera captured the joy of the mother seeing her baby after carrying her for nine months. 

“She has dimples,” Nami said, caressing her tiny daughter’s face. The baby slept with her mother before being introduced to her two brothers, Galahad and Ziek.

While most babies learn to lift their heads at the age of two months, Mina accomplished this feat at only one month of age; it appears she has continued to develop the active personality she so clearly displayed in the womb.