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April 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – LifeSite has created a video collection of key experts speaking about the dangers of coronavirus vaccines. You can access the video collection here.

This collection of videos is meant to serve as a single place to reference expert information and testimony about the numerous dangers associated with the coronavirus shot.

Each video was hand-selected to cover the science behind the vaccine, the known and unknown dangers, and the moral concerns associated with the use of cells from aborted babies.

It is important to be fully informed by facts before making a decision that could have lifelong impacts.

In the rushed effort to get a coronavirus shot to market, essential testing was skipped. The mRNA technology being used in many of the coronavirus shots has never been used in vaccines in the past and has not been studied in this use. Despite this lack of knowledge, many of the standard testing procedures were skipped entirely.

Additionally, one should consider the need for a vaccine for the coronavirus in general. The mortality rate of the virus has been shown to be the same or less than that of the annual flu and alternative treatments have been shown to be highly effective.

One must also consider the moral implications of taking such a shot. As you will see in the various videos, there is clear evidence that aborted fetal cells were used in the testing of these shots and in the case of the Johnson & Johnson shot, in the shot itself.

The links between between the vaccines and abortion are not as remote, and are much more gruesome, than have been stated. But even if the abortions were so remote and removed, which they are not, the coronavirus pandemic is over and therefore any moral taint and cooperation with the intrinsic evil of abortion is unnecessary.

If you’re considering receiving a coronavirus shot, take some time and hear from these medical experts first. If you know someone who is considering taking the shot, please share this collection of videos.