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June 11, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Andre Ebert is willing never to go home to Germany rather than wear a mask on the flight, let alone accept a COVID-19 vaccine.

The executive chef and his wife Andrea, also a professional chef, are the parents of six children – with one more on the way. They told LifeSiteNews in a recent interview that they will not take the COVID-19 vaccine, or permit their children to take it, or wear masks, no matter what the cost. And the costs are potentially very high: restaurants are requiring staff to wear masks and Europe – mecca of many food professionals – is currently inaccessible, thanks to airlines’ mask mandates.

But as traditional Catholics, they refuse to bend the knee to government-imposed narratives they believe are false.

“I think it’s not just COVID,” said Andre, who grew up in socialist East Germany.

“It’s also what’s going on politically at the moment. It seems to me that we are on a trajectory towards communism.”

Andrea recalled commiserating with her mother-in-law in how “horrible” it must have been to live under the privations and restrictions of life behind the Iron Curtain and being shocked when the older woman revealed that they “were very comfortable in their prison.”

Her husband has been troubled to find the same willingness to accept whatever the state chooses to hand out among Americans today.

“The government is doing what the ‘scientists,’ the authorities, tell us to do, and they are following that,” Andre said.

“Nobody wants to stand out. When you go into the grocery store, everybody’s wearing masks,” he continued.

“It’s like a bunch of zombies doing what the government tells you. You feel out of place, almost, if you’re not wearing a mask. People look at you.”

Andrea said that it was hard to reach people who don’t follow the family’s health philosophies, which include an emphasis on excellent nutrition, because “they’re so sucked into this world of fear and lies.”

Knowing the truth, she said, makes one almost “immune” to propaganda and free from fear.

Andre suggested that knowing how the COVID-19 vaccine is made makes someone morally obliged to reject it.

Regarding masks, Andre said people had told him that it was “just easier” to wear them, so they can “get what they want.” He himself has been denied entrance to shops because he was not wearing a mask.

Andrea thinks the way to cope with push-back against the couple’s freedom-loving stance is to face the worst that could happen to them – including the extremely slim chance of dying of COVID-19 – and then plan for it.

“You almost have to face the consequences and be fine with it, and then it’s amazing how God catches you every time and it’s actually better.”

‘We’ll take our chances with the virus rather than with the vaccine’

Andre is dubious that they or their children have much to fear from COVID-19; the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, however, are another story.

“If you’re healthy, you don’t have to worry about the virus,” he said.

“Children don’t have to worry about the virus. I think we’ll take our chances with the virus rather than with the vaccine.”

His wife, who describes herself as “very freedom-motivated,” has made their objections to the official COVID-19 narratives very public. Andrea believes that the way to “attract your tribe,” that is to say, likeminded people, is “speaking the truth.” Thus, she had always been very open about her views on home-schooling vs. the public education system when she tackled the COVID-19 issue in February 2020.

“I almost feel like we have a moral obligation to start sharing and speaking up, and the more people that speak up, we get stronger in our convictions,” Andrea said.

“We come together like a very powerful tribe, and then we become the force to be reckoned with.”

The pregnant mother offered the example of going mask-free to her ultrasound appointment and thus befriending a likeminded, but then less bold, employee in the office.

Regarding the earthly delights of Europe, its fabled restaurants and delicious bakeries, the couple has been building their own home-based business so that they would be free to travel throughout the continent with their children. But in adjusting this dream to embrace a trip around the United States, Andrea reflected on the story of Lot’s wife and her own teenage hankering for New York City, which her “conservative” Nicaraguan mother thought God might destroy any minute. There must have been something about Sodom and Gomorrah that Lot’s wife valued, Andrea believes, and that’s why she turned around.

Andrea used to worry that she herself would be like Lot’s wife but has discovered that she is not tempted at all to give up her convictions just to go back to Europe.

“Europe is far worse off than the United States,” she said.

“It has lost all its lure, all its spice and flavor and appeal because [of] the [establishment’s] slave system,” she continued, adding that she didn’t want to have anything to do with it. 

“Even if it means that we’ll never go to that bakery again, we’ll never go to that restaurant again, we’ll never see that place again – it's lost its appeal.”

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