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We cannot reach our goal without you

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We need your help!

We are still $201,328 away from our minimum goal of $275,000 to keep our pro-life and pro-family news reporting mission running at its current high level, and we need your support to reach it!

With only 8 days remaining in our Spring campaign, it is critical that everyone who can donate as generously as possible to keep this life and family news service fully operational!

Your support helps us to continue standing for the truth - and millions are depending on this information! We now have 30+ staff operating LifeSiteNews to deliver nearly 10 million pageviews on our site each month. The demand for our reporting is simply impossible to keep up with.

Keeping up with breaking news and technology developments to maintain our website and database does not come without costs. Between handling threats to our server and censorship from the social media giants like Twitter and Facebook that we have experienced, to employing journalists around the world so that our readers stay informed, the cost to run our site has increased significantly.

So, we are asking all our readers to chip in whatever amount they can, whether it's $500, $250, $100, $50, or even $35 or $25 - to ensure that we can continue to grow our mission and reach more people around the world!  

Every little bit helps, and we will not be able to operate at the high level our readers like you have grown accustomed to if we don’t reach our goal. Please donate today.

Without the dedicated support from readers like you, the mainstream media threaten to fully control the public narrative and push their deadly globalist agendas around the world.

LifeSite has led the narrative on numerous breaking stories already in 2019, and we cannot afford to lose our unique platform in the media now. The heightened attacks on conservative views are concerning to me, and I hope they are to you.

Now, more than ever, we need our readers to invest in the news that LifeSite reports on truthfully. By supporting our pro-life news, you’ll gain the peace of mind knowing that your support directly impacts the news you need to hear told in the way news should be reported!  

We are counting on readers like you to reach our minimum goal of $275,000. In order to transform our culture, we simply must continue our mission as the only international pro-life and pro-family news source dedicated to reporting on developments related to life, family, faith, freedom, and culture.

By joining the LifeSite giving family today, you can ensure that we can continue our daily reporting on the truth that you count on every day as a reader.

The media has the power to influence and shift the cultural paradigm, and you can play a powerful role in being a catalyst of positive change through supporting our pro-life and pro-family media reporting.

Can I count on you with a gift of $500, $100, $50, or even $35 today?

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