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Now is the most crucial time to join our community of supporters! We have just 8 days left before our Fall campaign ends and we still have $185,000 left to raise to reach our minimum goal.
Fri Sep 21, 2018 - 10:47 am EST
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This is an urgent message. With just 8 days left before our Fall campaign ends, we still have $187,000 left to raise to be able to reach our minimum campaign goal and I have to be honest: now is the most crucial time to join our community of supporters!

The media has the power to influence and shift the cultural paradigm. You can play a powerful role in being a catalyst of positive change through supporting our pro-life and pro-family media reporting.

And, While I am confident you can help us reach our minimum goal before next Friday,we still have a long way to go!

In all of our international travels, and more times than we can count, pro-life and pro-family leaders, activists, clergy, and politicians will go out of their way to personally thank LifeSite for its reporting and explain how they simply couldn’t do their jobs without our mission.

But the truth is this: it is only because of our readers support that any of this is possible!

You can also donate on a recurring basis.

I am continually amazed at the response to our campaigns each year. Witnessing thousands of our readers make the commitment to keep this news service fully operational is a sure sign that the movement to continue fighting and sacrificing for life, faith and family is very much alive.

We are always encouraged by this - and you should be too!

Let me assure you that what we do each day is personally very challenging for every LifeSite team member.  We have all had to undergo personal growth, to rely more and more upon God’s grace and on encouragement from others to better endure what we are obliged to report everyday - without compromise.

I’d like to share some of the reader comments with you now, and hopefully it will give you a better understanding of why LifeSite is compelled to continue our news reporting:

“Your work is invaluable and emotionally draining I am sure. We are grateful and especially appreciate action alerts. I am mostly homebound, so to be able to stand for truth through this vehicle is greatly appreciated. May God always guard, guide, strengthen and comfort all of you.” - Adele; California, United States


“Appreciate your website.... your lead articles are always well documented and are typically the stories that others refuse to cover. We need her the unwelcome truth at times so we know what and how to pray. Thank you and God bless.”  - Joseph; Ohio, United States


“As usual your organization is the lone voice for sanity in a world where everything is up-side down. Keep up the good and crucial work.” - James; Alberta, Canada


“I appreciate the "inside story" information you give us since we don't get it from the rest of the media.” - Patricia; New York, United States


“LifesiteNews is important to me. The subjects you cover and the truthfulness and professionalism of your coverage is NOT available anywhere else in Canada, as far as I am aware. I hope that enough people, who profess to be pro-Life, or even Christian, will support you, so that you can continue to provide this very needed ministry. God bless.” - Willi; Ontario, Canada

“Please keep up your courageous work in speaking boldly in the public square against those who who want to silence people who are faithful to Christian teaching on issues relating to sexual behaviors, gender identity, family, marriage and life. God bless your work!” - Angeles;  Newfoundland, Canada


We send all donors’ comments to the entire staff to encourage them in their pro-life work, and to remind them to pray for the needs of our donors. In fact, among other needs, we pray as a staff for all our donors every single morning - we understand the great sacrifices you make to keep our mission operational!

That’s why I must humbly challenge those who have not yet donated to make the most generous donation you can right now - even if it’s just $10.

Consider joining our Sustain Life program with a donation on a recurring basis.

With the trampling of speech rights and viewpoint discrimination that we still face, it is becoming even more difficult to get our word out to those who need to hear it. And it will only continue to get worse.

Between a series of examples, reports, and a Media Matters memo detailing a comprehensive campaign to pressure social media companies into silencing conservatives, many right-of-center voices are convinced that political discrimination by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, credit card companies, and more represents a grave threat to free speech.

This is a complete attack on the conservative viewpoint. If they can’t silence us, they will do whatever it takes to shut us down. Today will you join us in our mission to use the vehicle of the media to transform our culture?

A $35, $50, $100, or $200 gift will sustain our mission amidst the attempts to silence us. This is YOUR opportunity to provide professional news coverage for the sake of the unborn, for marriage, for faith, and for freedom, which is becoming an increasingly big issue!

After reading many of our reports from the last few weeks you can see that we are facing a monumental battle against the culture of death. Yet amidst every effort to discount and silence us from the social media Goliath, we press on.

We need the support of our readers now more than ever before!

The war against the values on life and family is waging on. Our readers have the right to be informed on developments related to life, family, faith, and culture and it is our mission to unapologetically speak the truth no matter the cost. And the cost is great.

We are counting on readers like you to reach our minimum goal of $250,000 to continue our mission as the only international pro-life and pro-family news source.

Without your support, we will not be able to operate at our current high level that readers like you rely on to be informed on the most pressing developments on life, family, faith, freedom and culture every day. Please donate today.

Without your partnership in our mission, the war on the conservative viewpoint will win and the narrative of the mainstream media will be the only voice the world hears.

Without the unique, highly professional reporting that LifeSiteNews provides, millions of culture changers around the world will be left without a news source they can trust to inform them and reassure them that they aren’t alone in their beliefs.

But with your support, we can continue to stand strong and bring a powerful, transformative light into the darkness.

And if you begin a monthly donation today, you have the opportunity to take part in a special matching gift we’ve received from a generous donor who is offering to match the first donation of EVERY recurring monthly donation we receive, up to $20,000!

Over 250 new people have become Sustainers, and have helped us reach over $6,000 of that $20,000 matching gift. Find out more about becoming a Sustainer by clicking here.

I am grateful for the thousands of readers who have already shown their support through their donations, prayers, and encouragement. With your support, we will press on and create a Culture of LIFE through the power of the media.


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