Today, I feel compelled to remind our readers that we are facing unprecedented attacks on, life, family, faith and freedom.


Think about it. In the past few months we have witnessed breathtaking violations of the freedom of religious people, such as the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, the passage of Ontario’s Bill 13, which mandates gay clubs even in Catholic schools, and the arrest of dozens of pro-life activists simply for praying in front of the White House!

And that’s just a tiny sampling. Truly, things are heating up out there.

It is also heating up here at LifeSiteNews as we enter the final
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And yet, things could be worse.

Just think of the persecution of the early Christian martyrs, who were sent to die in the Coliseum simply for refusing to renounce Christ.  I suspect those same martyrs might say that in some ways, today’s challenges are even worse than their own.

Why? Because we are witnessing an unparalleled, truly global battle for souls.

Apart from the horrendous number of unborn children being killed across the world every day, it is the international push towards mind-numbing enslavement to sexual pleasures that is threatening the souls of our children and loved ones.

This war for souls is being waged primarily in the media: on our televisions, in popular music, in magazines, in our movie theaters, and on our computers and smart phones.

There has never before in history been such an all-pervasive, insidious intrusion into our homes and, in fact just about everywhere, corrupting minds and souls.

Every day it is pounded into us that life is expendable, that sex is meaningless, yet at the same time all-important, that gender is fluid, that morality is relative, and that the primary goal in life is simply to get what you want!

We have to fight back!

And we have to meet the enemies of life, family and faith on their own battlefield – the media.

That’s our mission at LifeSiteNews – to fight back against the lies with powerful truth.

Our mission is to expose the dangers that are out there, so you can protect yourselves and, if married, your children and extended family – and warn others.

But, like any war, victory requires many soldiers.

Don’t doubt it for a moment: you are an integral part of this mission. Without your follow up actions our reports would not lead to change in the culture. But as well, we could not continue for a single day without your financial support!

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The last few days of every campaign are usually pretty tense for us as we wonder if our readers will rally and help us at this 11th hour to reach our campaign goal that we are still very far from.

Please help today so that we can continue to be of totally dedicated service to you.

For faith, life and family.

John-Henry Westen

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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