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Today, LifeSiteNews is launching our fall campaign, with a goal of $235,000.This goal is the absolute minimum necessary just to cover the ongoing mission costs of this international pro-life and pro-family news agency for the next quarter.

Truly, our fall fundraising campaign couldn’t come at a more critical time in the history of the United States.

Among other major developments, the upcoming Presidential election could change the future of pro-life and pro-family efforts for years, if not decades, to come.

Consider: Just last week the Obama administration proposed a new federal guideline that would BAN pro-life states from defunding Planned Parenthood and other organizations that kill unborn babies.

This comes just weeks after Obama forced a radical transgender bathroom rule on every public school in the entire nation – threatening schools with loss of federal funding if they don’t comply!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Efforts by leftist politicians, corporations, and powerful celebrities to smear all dissent from their radical agenda as “intolerance” and “hatred” are becoming frighteningly common, and brazen.

However, the upcoming election could see this war to sideline and ultimately silence pro-life and pro-family Americans become even more dire. Not to mention, the next president will likely nominate at least two Supreme Court justices – with the power to change the face of the country’s most powerful court.

At this challenging time there are so few places where you can go to find accurate information on the issues you care about the most. Even many so-called “conservative” news sites focus almost exclusively on economics or other more popular issues, ignoring the contentious, but foundational issues on which depends the health of a society: life, family, faith and freedom.

The fearless pro-life and pro-family reporting of LifeSiteNews is so desperately needed. Can you help us maintain our current level of investigative journalism through the next quarter?


Now is the time to put even more efforts and resources into making sure the public is informed on our political candidates’ positions on life and family issues as we enter the final months before the election in November!

But to do that, we must reach our campaign goal of $235,000. This is the absolute minimum amount required to keep this mission at our current level.

By God’s grace and through perseverance and determination, we have built a reputation for being the news outlet that tells the truth, no matter what the cost!

We are poised to make a huge impact on the culture with the number of people we can reach with our reporting – but we need your help to make that happen!

If you are a LifeSite reader, you have no doubt seen the headlines over the past year concerning all the alarming developments here at home and abroad. You have probably felt outraged at what is happening and wish you could do something about it!

Today, you can. A $25 donation can help us to reach as many as 5,000 people with the truth about abortion, marriage, faith and family.


You can also help us spread the truth by sharing our news stories on Facebook and with friends via email. Subscribing to our daily news e-mail is completely free!

We have always resisted advice to start charging for our news, in the belief that our mission is not to hoard the truth, but to put it in the hands of as many people as possible!

Instead, we have relied on the generosity of a growing army of supporters like you!

Please join us in our efforts to bring the truth about life and family to the tens of millions of people who don’t hear it from the mainstream media.

The more people we reach, the better chance we have of making an impact on the upcoming election, and our culture in general. It is urgent that we do soNOW, before we lose the freedom to speak out and stand for the truth!

We are committed to changing the culture – are you with us?