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LONDON  (LifeSiteNews) — Thousands of people marched through the streets of London on Saturday in opposition to COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates. 

The marches took place as the U.K. government threatened even tougher COVID restrictions.  

“The Johnson government … is psychologically abusing the whole nation and we’ve got to stand up and say no,” said British politician and pro-life activist David Kurten.  

 “The power is in the hands of the people; we don’t have to comply with this. Right now, we’ve got to say ‘No, we’re not going to comply’.”  

 “We will not comply” was  the title of a beautiful seven-minute video  produced by Oracle Films showing the protestors march peacefully through the streets of London.  

The exact number of marchers is not known; the mainstream media is reporting only “thousands” of protesters, but, largely supportive of the lockdown, it has often given underestimated figures for such marches in the past.  

The march took place after the U.K. government announced “plan B” winter restrictions last Tuesday, “Plan B” includes increased mask mandates as well as COVID vaccine passports for large venues in England. Vaccine passports for clubs and large events have been in effect in Scotland and Wales since the first half of October.  

The crowds of London marchers were escorted by masked policemen and could be heard chanting “Freedom!” They held signs reading “no vaccine passports” and similar sentiments.  

The mainstream media focused its reporting primarily on the minor clashes that occurred between police and some of the protesters gathered on Parliament Square just before the march that took the protesters through central London.  

The video released by Oracle Films shows the demonstrators marching peacefully through the streets, and no arrests have been made.  

David Kurten, the leader of the Heritage Party , told Oracle Films that he will not comply with further COVID restrictions in England.  

“The Johnson government got the vaccine passport through parliament. They’re threatening vaccine mandates, [and since] yesterday they’re [also] threatening [us] with another lockdown, which is completely insane,” he said.  

“It will ruin businesses again.”  

Kurten called for British citizens to “stand up and say no,” and pointed to the large number of people present at the march despite the cold winter weather.  

“We are going to have non-compliance on a massive scale with these repugnant laws and regulations, which they’ve got no right to make because they undermine our fundamental freedoms which are ours,” he said.  

“No government has the right to take them away,” he added.  

“The power is in the hands of the people; we don’t have to comply with this.”  

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