VANCOUVER, Dec 23 ( – Ted Gerk of the Pro-Life Resource Centre in British Columbia has released a new web site cataloguing the numerous controversies around Canada’s abortion industry since the 70’s. Information from news clippings, freedom of information requests and court documents reveal the “dirty little secrets” that lie festering beneath the “safe, legal” façade of abortion facilities. 

Taking information available in the public domain, the web page documents such incidents as the case of a 17-year old Ottawa girl who died from her abortion – an abortion that was not approved by the local abortion committee until after the operation was performed.  Disciplinary action against the physicians involved is unknown – if it even took place at all. 

Gerk said that his site “will attempt to document the untold history of abortion – the medical malpractice suits, the deaths of women from abortion, the lack of conscience in dealing with the victims of abortion.”