Clinic Workers Who Witnessed Sex Abuse Did Not Report Until Police Investigation

PHOENIX, October 25, 2001 ( – Dr. Brian Finkel, and abortionist and well-respected and powerful figure in Arizona, was arrested at his home Wednesday morning by police and is being held in jail on a bond over $200,000. Finkel, 51, who owns the Metro Phoenix Women’s Clinic, has been indicted for 16 counts of sexual abuse and one count of sexual assault. The charges involve 9 patients, dating back to 1993 and continue through August of this year. Police found Finkel carrying a gun on his hip and another in his briefcase, he says they were to ward off pro-lifers.

The Arizona Republic newspaper reports that clinic workers watched incidents of abuse but said nothing until after police began investigating. Six former employees and one current employee told police of the abuse after being questioned. The paper reports that Finkel employee, Dawn Normoyle, said she was bothered by incidents in the office and talked to Finkel and his wife about them. But she said she was afraid to do more because she might be “blackballed” from the medical profession for making accusations about a “powerful and political person.” According to the paper, Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley said medical professionals do not have a legal obligation to report crimes against adult patients receiving treatment, even if the patient is unconscious.

Pro-life group Life Dynamics Incorporated has exposed the criminal behavior of abortionist Brian Finkel for years. Last week Life Dynamics introduced a Web site they claim was in part inspired by Finkel’s conduct. At the site,, employees of abortion clinics are given details on how to bring legal action against their bosses.

“We have seen employees who have been subjected to everything from repeated sexual harassment to rape. And those who run abortion clinics think they are immune from prosecution,” states Life Dynamics founder Mark Crutcher. “We’ve helped clinic workers who were terrified that they might go to jail. But the reality is that the authorities were much more interested in the boss.”

With regard to Finkel, Crutcher said: “Finkel is not the exception, he is the rule. When it comes to abortionists, to think that Finkel is the bottom of the barrel only shows that you have no idea how deep the barrel is . Competent doctors do not end up working in abortion clinics. Finkel’s attitude towards his ‘patients’ and thinking that he is above the law makes him your average abortion provider.”

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