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Screenshot from pro-life ad 'It's a baby' by Christian group Focus on the FamilyFocus on the Family / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — A pro-life advertisement has recently gone viral on social media for its lampooning of pro-abortion activists’ use of the term “fetus” when referring to pre-born babies. 

In June, Focus on the Family, a Christian family-centered organization, published a pro-life ad entitled, “It’s a baby” to celebrate the one year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned Roe v. Wade and removed the obligation for states to provide abortions. 

The ad works to reveal the absurdity of considering unborn babies less than human by replacing the word “baby” with “fetus” in conversations which are commonly had during a mother’s pregnancy.  

The ad begins with a young woman walking out of the bathroom toward her husband while holding a pregnancy test. “We’re having a fetus!” she tells him as the couple embraces.  

Another scene shows a mother and father watching their baby on an ultrasound. The mother reaches up to touch the screen showing her baby, saying, “Hi fetus.”  

In another clip, a doctor delivering a baby tells the mother, “Your fetus is doing great.” 

In the final scene, a pregnant mother asks her young daughter if she would like to feel the “fetus” kick, to which the girl replies, “Um, it’s a baby.”

“It’s a powerful commercial that exposes the ludicrous way in which the abortion industry and its political and media allies dehumanize children in the womb using language,” Campaign Life Coalition’s Jack Fonseca told LifeSiteNews.   

“With a combination of high production value, dry humor and the touching scenes we’ve become accustomed to watching in the likes of Johnson & Johnson baby commercials, Focus On the Family has brilliantly exposed how the term ‘fetus’ is used to pretend that the baby in the womb is not a human being,” he added.

The creators of the ad explained that it was made to highlight the importance of using proper language when talking about unborn children.

“Tragically, the culture has gotten too comfortable using antiseptic scientific terms to dehumanize a child in the womb,” Focus on the Family President Jim Daly said.  

“We wanted to challenge that by plainly and simply showing – in situations we’re all familiar with – that it’s a baby. And to call it anything else just doesn’t make sense,” he added. 

“Words are powerful things,” Daly continued. “They mean something. They matter. They are the building blocks of our understanding of our world. We all know there is some intense debate around the life issue in our nation. To have truly informed discussions on that issue, we have to be sure we’re using the right words.” 

Focus on the Family’s advocation for the use of proper terms when speaking about abortion is one echoed by pro-life activists and organizations around the world.  

The pro-life movement has long emphasized the necessity of using proper terms when referring to unborn babies or abortion, with many refusing to say “abortion clinics” and instead saying, “killing places,” “abortion mills,” or other terms that more accurately depict the violent reality of abortion.

Fonseca pointed out that, without ever referring to abortion, the ad’s use of language allows it to deliver a “devastating blow to the deadly procedure and all the adults who defend abortion by using dehumanizing language.”

“By mockery, it exposes how silly and dishonest are those who refer to the unborn child as ‘fetus’ when they want to abort it, and ‘baby’ when they want to let the exact same child be born,” he continued.  

“The commercial captures so well that even little children, who are not at all practiced in guile or self-deception, easily recognize the truth that a child in the womb is a human being, and not some dehumanized entity,” Fonseca added. 

“This simple but powerful ad has the potential to change hearts and minds on abortion by making them embarrassed to continue perpetuating a lie about children in the womb, which even little children can spot,” he noted.