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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

(LifeSiteNews) — A poem by a vaccine-injured patient revealed the reality of those left injured by mandated COVID shots.

The poem, titled “We’re Not Invisible,” was published under the pseudonymous author Caustly Lessens to pro-freedom Dr. Pierre Kory’s substack and sought to bring awareness to the struggles of those facing COVID vaccine injuries.

“It poignantly details the plight of the Covid mRNA vaccine injured in these dark times of rigid censorship, medical gaslighting, and anti-vaxxer/un-vaxxed demonizing,” Kory wrote of the poem.

The poem is as follows:

We’re Not Invisible

We’re not invisible 

We’re here in plain sight 

You just refuse to look 

And understand our plight 

We suffer in silence 

As you smother our voice 

We trusted the fraud 

And made the wrong choice 

Some of us have perished 

Some of us remain 

Those who have been damaged 

Will never be the same 

Those who have been injured 

And in constant pain 

These are the people 

You seek to blame 

You knocked us off balance 

With jabs and gaslighting 

But we remain steadfast 

And we’ll keep on fighting 

We’re not invisible 

We’re just not recognized 

When even friends and family 

Leave us feeling ostracized 

You still flood the channels 

With those deadly lies 

As the losses mount 

Before our eyes 

With your mainstream madness 

You deceive with impunity 

While only the manufacturers 

Are receiving immunity 

You’re on the wrong side of history 

The wrong side of humanity 

The wrong side of morality 

And the wrong side of sanity 

We stepped into a nightmare 

That will not end 

But we’re resilient 

And we will not bend 

When the poisoned apple 

Is offered anew 

We won’t take a bite 

No more witches brew 

We’re not invisible 

We have names and faces 

Yet It seems like you would 

Rather erase us 

The poem comes as Americans and Canadians alike are increasingly standing up to Big Pharma and Globalist politicians by publicly sharing their vaccine injury stories.

Earlier this month, former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who is known for pushing COVID regulations and the experimental vaccines, admitted that he is suffering from side effects from the shot.

“We know that vaccines can have unintended consequences, a.k.a. side effects,” Cuomo said in his opening. “But nobody’s really talking about it because they’re too afraid of blame, and they just want it to go away.”

Similarly, in Canada, pro-vaccine and Liberal funded CBC published a story featuring a Quebec man who developed a severe skin condition after taking Moderna’s mRNA experimental COVID-19 shot.

Like many Canadians, the man is still waiting to receive compensation from Canada’s vaccine injury program, which has only paid out 138 of the 2,233 claims made to the program.

LifeSiteNews has published an extensive amount of research on the dangers of receiving the experimental COVID mRNA jabs, which include heart damage and blood clots.

The mRNA shots have also been linked to a multitude of negative and often severe side effects in children.

Since the vaccine rollout, excess deaths have skyrocketed in countries where the mRNA vaccines were administered en masse. Similarly, CDC recently disclosed 780,000 new reports of serious side effects from the shot.

The latest conservative estimate is that over 17 million worldwide died from receiving the injections, making this the worst man-caused medical catastrophe in history.

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates