The significant reference to LSN stories from Rush Limbaugh yesterday and today, and then the banner size top Drudge link to a story by LSN’s Ben Johnson at around noon temporarily sunk our website, as you may know.

These developments tested LSN resources beyond the limit, but intense emergency efforts by our tech team managed to get the website running again, although still very slow, within 1 1/2 hours. Things got back to normal by around 4 p.m. Much was learned and now we know additional resources are definitely needed to handle our rapidly growing traffic. It was stressful today for sure, but also most enjoyable.

Commentaries, especially on the big story today, have been skyrocketing on LifeSiteNews. However, we need your help with this development.

The purpose of our comments section under each story is to allow readers to present USEFUL new information or commentary that adds to or complements the stories – period. We reserve the right to edit or delete all comments that do not fulfill that clear purpose. Also, we give priority to comments from pro-life, pro-family readers, while also permitting some comments from those who do not hold such views and already have their views overwhelmingly represented in the most other media.

However, we are also often not able to properly monitor comments because of the volume. Please help us by flagging any comments that violate normal rules of civility, which just spout propaganda, are not relevant to the story under which they are posted, or which are clearly inappropriate (that should NOT include comments that you simply disagree with). Click on the flag icon that appears when you mouse over the time posted area below the comment and that will alert us to it.

Steve Jalsevac

Today’s blog post:

Dancing with the swine: The HHS mandate and Obama’s real agenda – Dr. Gerard M. Nadal
The real bloodbath that is Obamacare: Aggressive eugenics feeding the population control agenda.