Apr 26 ( – By popular demand from our subscribers, LifeSite has gained the permission of Professor Hymie Rubenstein to publish his fact sheet on the myths spread by homosexualists about homosexuality. Last week militant homosexualist activists at the University of Manitoba filed a complaint with the university against Dr. Rubenstein claiming that he distributed “hate literature.” Prof. Rubenstein had the flyer handed out at a non-university meeting dealing with the introduction of homosexualist programs in public schools.

MYTH: Homosexuality is an inborn trait.

REALITY: There is no credible scientific evidence that homosexuality is a genetically-acquired trait. In fact, the tremendous variability in sexual beliefs and practices around the world suggest that sexuality is a learned or cultural part of the human condition.

MYTH: Since homosexuals have no control over their homosexuality, society should accept their sexuality.

REALITY:Most gay men have had sexual relations with women and many convert to heterosexuality every year. Even if all people are innately bisexual, as most radical gay/lesbian activists’ claim, either normal socialization or specialized therapy and counselling have succeeded in channelling this bisexuality into heterosexuality in 70% of cases. Even if all homosexuals actually had no choice in being homosexual, this still does not automatically make their lifestyle socially or morally equivalent to heterosexuality.

MYTH: Ten percent of people are homosexual.

REALITY: This figure is based on Kinsey’s fraudulent research. In fact, only between 2-4% of people are committed homosexuals or bisexuals.

MYTH: Homosexuality is not a psychiatric disorder.

REALITY: Though radical activists intimidated the profession to “normalize” homosexuality in 1973, 70% of psychiatrists continue to view it as a treatable pathology.

MYTH: The diversity of sexual behaviour liberates people from an oppressive and compulsory heterosexuality.

REALITY: Sexual promiscuity has always relegated women to a marginal social and political position. Confining sex to marriage by sanctions against premarital relations, adultery, and homosexuality has enhanced the status of women by giving them control over a scarce and highly valued “resource,” their own sexuality.

MYTH: It doesn’t or shouldn’t matter, except to those directly involved, what kind of sex people engage in.

REALITY: Left in a “state of nature” human culture would never have developed. The history of Western civilization has been intimately linked to the history of the channelling of human sexuality into the Judeo-Christian ideal of marital sex. Every civilized society that has failed to recognize that the naturally promiscuous human male has to be constrained by strong moral sanctions has paid the price, as our own society is now paying with growing rates of adultery, pornography, child prostitution, sexually-transmitted disease, illegitimacy, divorce, suicide, and single-parenthood.

MYTH: Homosexuality is compatible with normal family life.

REALITY: Homosexuality is a denial of one of the most important functions of family life, the perpetuation of life itself through procreation. There are some primitive societies in which homosexuality is so pervasive that population survival is maintained only by kidnapping children from neighbouring tribes.

MYTH: To discriminate against people because of their sexual preference is just like discriminating against people because of skin colour.

REALITY: When Black people are discriminated against it is because of what they are; when gays are condemned it is because of what they do. Verbal or physical gay-bashing is unacceptable but this is not the same as saying that gay sex is socially and morally acceptable. It is one thing to grant homosexuals the same legal protections that other citizens have; it is another to grant them the same legal privileges (e.g., marriage) or to celebrate homosexuality as a societally desirable way to live.

MYTH:Society has no right to judge the diverse sexual practices of its citizens.

REALITY: If this were true, then society would also have no right to condemn incest, paedophilia, rape necrophilia, and bestiality.

MYTH: The homosexual lifestyle is no different from the heterosexual lifestyle.

REALITY: The typical gay man has had between 300-500 sexual “partners.” Many gay men have has thousands of one-time sexual encounters. Many bisexual and gay men have never kissed another man condemning such affection as sissified or vulgar.

MYTH: Those who condemn homosexuality are homophobic bigots.

REALITY: Although there is no such scientifically established pathological fear called “homophobia,” this has not prevented gay and lesbian activists from misusing science in their hugely successful effort to portray those who do not support all of their demands (same-sex marriage, homosexual men permitted to be Big Brothers, etc.) as being right-wing Christian bigots simply because they do not share the activists’ values. To argue that marital sex is the best arena for the expression of sexuality, is no more “homophobic” than to say that it is wrong to have sex with young boys is “paedophobic.” If there is a paranoid fear, it is a terrible “liberal” anxiety of offending homosexuals by implying that their lifestyle is any less worthy of praise than the lifestyle of married people. But what about the widely-accepted lesbian activist position that: “lesbianism is the key to liberation and only women who cut their ties to male privilege can remain trusted to remain serious in the struggle against male dominance.” Isn’t this heterophobic bigotry?

MYTH: Gay/lesbian activists speak for the majority of homosexuals.

REALITY: Most homosexuals no more support a radical homosexual agenda than do heterosexuals support a radical heterosexual agenda (e.g., one based on “free love” or “group marriage”). Gay/lesbian activists therefore speak mainly to and for themselves and represent a small minority of a small minority.

MYTH: There is no hidden “homocentric” agenda.  All gay/lesbian activists want is the same protection from verbal and physical abuse as heterosexuals.

REALITY: Many homosexual activists want to abolish laws governing the age of sexual congress to allow adults to have sex with “consenting” children of any age, the right that young children be taught “safe” homosexual acts in schools, the repeal of all laws against child prostitution, the right to adopt minor children, and the repeal of all laws restricting the sex or number of persons entering into a lawful marriage unit. The “Gay Rights Platform” calls for “encouragement and support for sex education courses, prepared and taught by Gay women and men, presenting homosexuality as a valid, healthy preference and lifestyle, as a viable alternative to heterosexuality.”

MYTH: The public schools have a duty, if not a right, to teach students about sexual identity.

REALITY: The public schools are a creation and reflection of society. Why should they be forced to set up a special programme to satisfy the moral-political agenda of a tiny special-interest group whose values most parents do not agree with? Public schools were established to teach literacy, numeracy, and to impart the wisdom of the ages, something many of them are not doing ver well. If so many of our schools are doing such a poor job teaching the tree Rs, how can they be trusted to impart knowledge about such a complex, politically charged, and sensitive issue as human sexuality?

MYTH:Winnipeg School Division No. I homosexual students are subjected to pervasive and systemic harassment.

REALITY: Where is the evidence for this assertion? In fact, if there is any victimization of gays/lesbians, it is trivial compared to the daily harassment of students who are fat, short, belong to visible minorities, etc. Parents, teachers, and school board officials should continue to condemn all forms of hurtful and demeaning name-calling.

MYTH: Refusing to allow children to openly discuss their homosexual preference in the classroom is immoral and unethical.

REALITY:If Christian or Jewish parents teach their children that homosexuality is sinful and unnatural, what gives gay/lesbian activists the right to call such instruction immoral and unethical?

MYTH: The best way to attack homophobia is to incorporate gay/gender issues into the curriculum.

REALITY: Any other “phobia” identified by any other small special-interest group would require the same treatment. Serbs could rightly demand “Serbian Studies” to combat the Serb bashing that will continue for years to come because of the war in Yugoslavia.

MYTH: When students are taught about homosexuality in Winnipeg School Division No. 1, they will be taught both the myths and the realities.

REALITY: Wherever the teaching of homosexuality has been introduced into the public schools only the morally desanitized myths are taught, and they are taught as the Gospel truth.

Hymie Rubenstein, Ph.D., April 12, 1999

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