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Chloe Stiwinter happy to be at her first March for Life. Lisa Bourne / LifeSiteNews
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If you haven’t had the chance to watch our most recent video from the Benham Brothers, you really must! Not only is it short and entertaining, but it has an amazing message about the spirit we all must have to fight for our pro-life and pro-family beliefs.
Two days after launching our annual Spring Campaign, we have raised $10,000 towards our goal of $175,000, which we must reach in order to fund this international news agency for the next quarter.
It’s always a challenge for us to reach our quarterly campaign goals - and yet we we must raise these minimum amounts each year, just to keep the bare minimum of our free services available to the public.


This free news service, which is on track to reach 50 million people around the globe this year, simply isn’t sustainable without the support of people like you, who want to see our culture awakened from its slumber!
Keep in mind, LifeSiteNews is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization employing nearly 25 full and part-time staff around the world - many of whom have left lucrative professional careers to be a part of this great battle in defense of life and family. (You certainly won’t find any of our staff or management making six-figure salaries!)
That’s why you might be surprised to learn that LifeSiteNews has no endowment fund, no large savings or investments. No, every dollar we receive in support of our mission goes right back into furthering that same mission!
Our team is committed to exposing the Culture of Death and promoting the Culture of Life, and bringing this Truth-Mission to tens of millions of people around the globe.
Your donation during our Spring Campaign helps us to cover the necessary costs of our mission, allowing us to: 

  • produce 15-20 articles a day

  • host and speak at events around the world

  • employ the latest social media marketing to spread our mission

  • continuously improve a cutting edge website that can handle rapidly growing traffic and massive amounts of content

  • maintain the support staff necessary to field thousands of requests each day

As you can imagine, serving the number of people and organizations we serve here in the U.S. and around the globe requires great skill, professionalism and resources.
Your donation makes all of this possible!
We need readers like you to step forward today to support the mission of LifeSiteNews.

With your support we will continue to impact the culture with our one-of-a-kind investigative news reporting.
Your support will help us to be that beacon of light shining in the darkness, when the world around us threatens our most deeply-held convictions regarding the sanctity of life, family, and marriage.
When people who share our pro-life and pro-family views are persecuted, like the Benham Brothers, LifeSite will be there to make sure the truth is heard and sound the alarm when our beliefs are under attack.

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