March 19, 2014 ( – Lexi was pregnant and felt she had no choice.  She went to the abortion clinic to get “rid of” her 13 week “problem” so that she could get on with her life.  The clinic verified her pregnancy, placed three seaweed sticks in her cervix to dilate her and asked her to return for a surgical abortion because of how far along she was.  Lexi was scared, but did not know what else to do. She was not with her boyfriend anymore and her mother wasn’t going to help her raise a child.  She worked part-time but wanted a better job and better life and, after all, the people in the clinic said it wasn’t a baby yet, just a blob of tissue.

So Lexi didn’t eat the night before her “procedure.”  Her mother took her to the clinic.  As they approached the office, they saw people scattered out on the sidewalk, some holding signs, some praying. Some seemed to be talking to people in the parking lot.  There were security guards barking at the ones on the street and they waved Lexi in.  They parked and as they walked toward the clinic, the families on the street were calling out not to go in; that they would help them.  The sidewalk counselors were saying that the clinic had a bad record and had been shut down in the past for health violations.  The pro-lifers seemed desperate and Lexi couldn’t understand why.  Wasn’t this just a blob of tissue? She and her mother scurried into the clinic.

Lexi was separated from her mother and taken to a back room, where she was given a gown and some medicine.  She was laid out on a table, with her feet up, and then she faded off to sleep. When she awoke, she was sore and felt like she had been gutted.  She was still cramping and bleeding, but was told this would be gone within a few days.  She had a drink and snack and then left the clinic with her mother.  There were only a couple people left on the sidewalk, and they offered a pamphlet and a prayer as she drove by them.  The ladies seemed to have such a defeated look in their eyes.

Lexi went back to her life after a few days, her part-time job and hanging out with friends.  Days became weeks and Lexi kept waiting to lose that bloated pregnant feeling, but it didn’t go away.  One morning she awoke feeling sick to her stomach.  She started to have some cramps and they got so intense she had to go to the emergency room.  The doctor there did an ultrasound of her stomach and asked her when she had her abortion.  Lexi told him it was about six weeks ago.  Lexi was stunned when the doctor said that not only was her baby still there, but that he looked about 19 weeks and perfectly healthy!  Lexi was shocked!  And the doctor said it was a “he!”

Lexi left the ER with a prescription for prenatal vitamins, still in a daze about her dilemma.  Now what?  Had she dreamed that entire abortion?  Didn’t she pay them $450?

Monday came and Lexi knew she had to get to the bottom of this.  She went back to the abortion clinic, past the little children playing on the sidewalk, and asked the employees what had happened.  The staff there seemed surprised, but told her they would be glad to terminate for another $1250. Something just didn’t seem right to Lexi now.  The staff explained that she must have had twins and that they had to have missed this one when she had her abortion six weeks ago.  Lexi left the clinic as confused as when she had gone in.

As she was about to get into the car, she figured, why not talk to these folks that say they can help her? After all, she had nothing to lose. So, she approached one of the counselors and they asked how they could help. It seemed like they were offering everything! Prayer, baby showers, even medical care. So Lexi took their pamphlets and went home.

She wondered why and how her baby had survived. So she called the lady she met on the sidewalk and got the number of my office. Lexi showed up a few days later pretty scared and confused, but she knew that abortion clinic was not there to help her and she didn’t trust them anymore. We found the baby’s heartbeat and Lexi smiled. She was going to keep this baby, but she just needed a little help and encouragement.

Lexi started her prenatal care at about 20 weeks and had an uneventful remaining pregnancy. She even got a baby shower from the friends she met on the sidewalk! She was a beautiful glowing mother, excited to meet this son that seemed destined to survive even after a direct murderous assault of suction and steel. At 40 weeks and a few days, she delivered a beautiful healthy son, Adam.  There were tears in the delivery room from Lexi, her nurses, and her doctor.

Our God is a God of second chances and miraculous deliveries from certain disaster. Thanks be to God!

Note: Dr. Matt Harrison is the medical director on the Cities4Life leadership team. This account was first published on the Cities4Life website.