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(LifeSiteNews) — A former employee at a soon-to-be closed Texas gender clinic recently exposed the actions of one of its lead doctors and his involvement in child mutilation.

During an interview with Christopher Rufo, who headed an effort to shut down the gender clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital earlier this month, a whistleblower who worked closely with Dr. Richard Ogden Roberts revealed that such medical professionals and facilities are “ruining” children.

The whistleblower who spoke with Rufo explained that “I work very closely” with Roberts and “just wanted to see for myself how he speaks to them [patients]” and “what they look like with their history, what other underlying medical conditions they have.”

“It is absolutely astonishing: so many of the charts that I have just perused and read through as I’m doing my work, they have serious mental health issues. They’re autistic. They have previous suicide attempts. They’re depressed. They’re on anxiety medications. They have a disability of some kind. It’s just absolutely wild.”

The whistleblower explained that Roberts doesn’t hesitate to prescribe cross-sex hormones — or increase dosages — and has completely backed double mastectomy procedures for minors.

“Dr. Roberts is extremely encouraging of their transition and will essentially do whatever he can to make sure that they are happy, at least externally happy, because I’m absolutely certain that they’re not internally happy. He’s also very accommodating. He does whatever they want. Essentially, there’s not critical analysis of the process.”

The whistleblower shared that children need only “establish care with Dr. Roberts” and, after a consultation, he will “almost immediately” put them on puberty blockers. Parents are reportedly “scared of being reported to Child Protective Services … if they don’t affirm their child, that their kid is going to commit suicide and do self-harm — which is a lie.”

“They’re intimidated by these doctors that are on the side of their kid and have a lot of power,” the whistleblower continued. “They could report them and then their child could be taken away from them.”

The doctors, according to the whistleblower, are “activists” who “live for the applause of the medical community.” They are supported by influential voices including mainstream media and Big Tech, which encourages them to continue “wanting to play God.”

The “devastated” whistleblower — who expressed a willingness to lose a well-paying job in the industry — described “a culture of fear” that is “unspoken” throughout the “gender transition” world, which recognizes that “transgender [sic] medicine is hugely lucrative.”

“I truly feel like there is a demonic presence at my workplace. And I’m so 100 percent against this whole ideology and this movement of children just feeling like they were born in the wrong body and then being ‘affirmed’ by adults who want to take advantage of them and make a buck.”

“There’s absolutely no proof that a transgender [sic] surgery will ‘cure’ patients’ depression or whatever mental health issue they’re going through, which I believe is real,” the whistleblower concluded. “We have a generation of kids with mental health problems … and we need to treat those problems correctly, not by recommending that they change genders to fix their mental health problem.”

“We’re ruining them. They’re going to wake up in 10 years and discover that they’re infertile, that they can’t have children, that their sexuality is completely dysfunctional; that they can’t function as a normal human being. And ultimately, I believe that that realization is going to cause them to harm themselves — when they wake up and realize that they’ve already been ruined.”

Texas legislation to protect children from mutilating hormones and surgeries — which was blocked in court in 2022 — gained new momentum last month after Project Veritas released an investigative report exposing New York and Texas gender clinics which began “transitioning” children as young as eight years old. The video attracted attention from Republican lawmakers Ted Cruz and Chip Roy, who quickly issued a letter demanding answers about the scandal.

Last week, Texas legislators passed SB 14, which would effectively ban the chemical and surgical mutilation of gender-confused children. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign the bill. After an investigation launched by state Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas Children’s Hospital announced that the organization would discontinue its practice of child mutilation upon Abbott’s signing of SB 14.


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