WASHINGTON, April 25, 2002 ( – The White House has denied allegations that they will support a move to redefine the traditional family at the United Nations. A Washington Times report Monday, noted yesterday by LifeSite, quoted an unnamed source within the Bush administration indicating that the US would support a European Union bid to recognize families “in various forms.”

The pro-family lobby group Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) reports that they contacted a White House official about the report and were told the source was in error. “I am happy to say that our office now has the assurance of a highly placed White House official that this story is incorrect,” says a release by TVC.

The White House source told TVC’s Rev. Louis Sheldon that the Bush Administration is firmly committed to the historical definition of the family, which is typically defined as a unit of individuals related by blood, birth, marriage, or adoption. “The President has no intention of disengaging from the established moral consensus on the definition of the family. I have been assured that the anonymous administration official quoted in the Times misspoke when he said the U.S. would support including alternative forms of families in any U.N. definition,” says TVC’s release.