WICHITA, Kansas, July 7, 2011 ( – Suspicious white powder that was found yesterday in an envelope sent to Operation Rescue has been deemed harmless by authorities.

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman told that officials were called in after he opened a letter postmarked June 11 from France, and “a puff of powder came out.”

“We immediately double-bagged it and threw it outside,” he said.

After calling the authorities, the FBI as well as a Hazmat team arrived at Operation Rescue’s headquarters, putting the office in lockdown until they could verify the nature of the powder.

After hours of testing, it was determined that the letter contained 90% baking powder and 10% an unknown substance. It has been taken to a laboratory in Topeka for further testing. Authorities continue to investigate.

Anthrax has previously been used by terrorists who have mailed the highly infectious, life-threatening bacteria in the form of white powder. The threat, even though false, is punishable with jail time and a $250,000 fine, Operation Rescue notes.

“Someone obviously was trying to scare and intimidate us, but attacks like this only strengthen our resolve to keep working to protect all life,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“We really appreciate all the men and women from Local, State and Federal agencies who responded to our call and went to exceptional lengths to make sure we were all safe. Everyone was very courteous and professional and made a difficult time for us as easy as possible. We are thankful everyone is okay and no one was hurt,” said Newman.