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(LifeSiteNews) — The World Health Organization (WHO) has handed transgender activists a majority on a global health panel which has responsibility for setting worldwide policies concerning the treatment of children. 

The group, known as the GDG or “Guideline Development Group,” has been tasked with producing global guidelines for the provision of so-called “gender affirming care.” 

According to Stella O’Malley, psychotherapist and executive director of gender-critical group Genspect, the panel is likely to advance an agenda to the exclusion of scientific and expert advice. 

“[They] will determine care guidelines for trans people, yet they do not have anyone to represent critical balance on their panel,” she added, in the report on January 9 by the U.K. Daily Mail. 

“The gender affirmative approach is presumed by WHO to be the only way forward and thereby dismisses conventional psychotherapy.” 

One panel member is Florence Ashley, who is a man claiming to be a woman. A law professor in Canada, Ashley believes the prescription of “puberty blockers” to children – hormones which permanently sterilize them – ought to be “the default option” in treating any who may “identify” as “trans.” 

The Canadian lawyer, who sports a “be gay – do crimes” tattoo, has authored a study urging the access to sterilizing hormones in children under 12, citing the benefits of “prepubertal transition.” 

Transgender bias 

Critics have rounded on the selection of the membership of the panel, some of whom are in favor of allowing so-called “gender affirming” treatments to children as young as 13. Half the panel have no medical training. As O’Malley points out, “The WHO panel is made up mostly of social justice and human rights lawyers who believe the gender affirmative approach is the only option.” 

“This is a narrow minded and heavily biased approach,” O’Malley continued. “The WHO are making a grave mistake; they should pause this process and consult with the many professionals who hold different approaches.” 

No evidence this is ‘care’ 

The WHO’s decision to allow the capture of this institution by trans activists ignores recent findings on so-called gender affirming care – the term used by such activists to describe the promotion of “self-identification,” which includes easing the supply of sterilizing hormone treatments and mutilating surgery to children. 

Yet according to recent findings, this approach is neither care nor affirming – and results instead in normalizing a policy of widespread harm. The bias in the choice of these panel members is significant, as it reflects the same intentional bias found in the promotion of the treatments they advocate. 

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European research has overturned the idea that “gender affirming care” reduces harm to children. Beginning with a 2018 paper in Finland which showed that “for the overwhelming majority of gender dysphoric children – around 80 percent – their dysphoria resolves itself if they are left to go through natural puberty.” 

This investigation resulted in a national study, with the Finnish COHERE initiative finding in 2020 that all “gender care” should be postponed until adulthood. 

‘Experiments’ on children 

This paper, released by the Finnish National Health Authority, led to a revision on “gender affirming care” by the U.K. and in the Netherlands – because there was no evidence to support the claimed benefits of “experimenting” on children. It concluded: 

In light of available evidence, gender reassignment of minors is an experimental practice.

As I reported for LifeSiteNews in June 2023, the U.K.’s revision on this experimental practice was prompted by the fact that there is no evidence to support the case for “gender affirming care,” which instead results in lifelong harm. 

The move has been strongly criticized by officials and experts in the field. 

Ideological capture 

The decision by the WHO to promote the harm of children as public health policy is one resulting from “ideological capture,” as one U.K. critic claims – and one which magnifies the influence of activists over the evidence from medical and mental health professionals. 

Independent journalist James Esses, who documents the ideological capture of society and its institutions, has posted a letter of protest to the WHO. It is written by Thoughtful Therapists – a U.K.-based group of “counselors, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists from across the U.K. and Ireland with a shared concern about the impact of gender identity ideology on children and young people.” 

Their work began in organizing against the “hijack” of British professional counseling bodies “by an unaccountable activist network.” 

This group of mental health professionals is united in opposition to the aims of the activists on the WHO panel to normalize uncontrolled access to hormones and surgery for children as young as 13. 

They are joined in opposition to the new WHO panel – called the Gender Guideline Group – by the United Nations’ own leading expert on violence against women and girls. 

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Reem Alsalem says the WHO is putting women’s “dignity, safety, and security” at risk in its promotion of a so-called “self ID” policy backed by the GDG panel. 

Promoting the legal right for children and men to simply “identify” as female is one aspect, she claims, of the strong ideological bias of the group. 

“The majority of the guideline development group (GDG) clearly have strong, one-sided views in favor of promoting hormonal gender transition and legal recognition of self-asserted gender.

Following outcry over the GDG panel, the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine reports that the WHO has dropped the panel’s role in issuing guidance in support of child “transitions.” With one member dropping out, the WHO is changing course due to public pressure.

The WHO responded to public outcry in clarifying that the panel will not make any recommendations for children and adolescents – citing “limited evidence regarding long-term outcomes of affirmative care for youth.”

Anti-human agenda 

The transgender phenomenon has been described by investigative journalist Jennifer Bilek as an industry whose aim is to destroy human nature. 

“The gender industry is not a prop in a culture war. It is a war against humanity.” 

Following her analysis, the emergence of what she terms “synthetic sexual identities” is not an aspect of so-called “culture wars” – and cannot be countered by debate. 

As her own extensive research shows, it is a multi-billion dollar industry promoted by powerful billionaires, such as the Pritzkers in the United States, and the CEO of Sirius Radio “Martine” Rothblatt. 

Rothblatt has created a “trans religion,” which claims “technology is god.” The technology here is that which gives men like him the power to recreate life in the image of their own fantasies. 

Bilek warns that the aim of the movement is to “transcend” humanity – by destroying its natural basis in a fusion with technology. What comes next are “rights” – for algorithms – and the blurring of the distinction between mankind and machinery.  

“Gender rights” are AI rights in the making, which is why they have us referring to ourselves as biological men and women,” she continued.  

“So far, there are only biological humans.” 

Bilek describes the transgender phenomenon as a “psyop” – a psychological operation designed to hoodwink the general population. 

In this case, the “psyop” is aimed at fostering acceptance of the merging of humans with technology so often touted by WEF favorite Yuval Noah Harari. Bilek warns: 

There is no greater PsyOp ever perpetrated against humanity than the idea that there is no sex boundary between the males and females of our species.

She sees this project as a form of “grooming” – a preparation for exploitation with a sexual dimension – and is one aimed directly at children 

“We are being groomed – specifically the next generations.” 

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Action continues to oppose the move by the WHO, with a petition organized against the staffing of this advisory body with “gender” activists. The petition, which you can find below, demands that the WHO cancels the panel’s first meeting planned for February 2, and “go back to the drawing board.”

If you would like the WHO to revise its decision in appointing “trans” activists to this panel, you can sign this petition in protest.