By Peter J. Smith

LONDON, June 9, 2008 ( – An official with the World Health Organisation (WHO) is finally admitting what many AIDS experts have been saying for years – there is no threat of a world AIDS pandemic among heterosexuals.

According to a report by The Independent, a UK-based newspaper, Epidemiologist Kevin de Cock, the head of the WHO’s department of HIV/AIDS, admitted to The Independent that AIDS is seen no longer as a risk to heterosexual populations outside sub-Saharan Africa, but rather is restricted to high-risk groups such as homosexual men, injecting drug users, prostitutes and their solicitors.

“It is very unlikely there will be a heterosexual epidemic in other countries,” said de Cock. “Ten years ago a lot of people were saying there would be a generalised epidemic in Asia – China was the big worry with its huge population. That doesn’t look likely. But we have to be careful. As an epidemiologist it is better to describe what we can measure. There could be small outbreaks in some areas.”

The HIV/AIDS director confirmed that male homosexuals are most at risk for AIDS, and that in many places rates of infection amongst male homosexuals are increasing, not declining.

“We face a bit of a crisis [in this area]. In the industrialised world transmission of HIV among men who have sex with men is not declining and in some places has increased,” stated de Cock.

“In the developing world, it has been neglected. We have only recently started looking for it and when we look, we find it. And when we examine HIV rates we find they are high.

“It is astonishing how badly we have done with men who have sex with men. It is something that is going to have to be discussed much more rigorously.”

The Independent described de Cock’s statements as “the first official admission that the universal prevention strategy promoted by the major AIDS organisations may have been misdirected.”

However, promoting the strategy of universal prevention is also recognized as having been one of the most successful ways that homosexual activists capitalised on the impending AIDS pandemic to make the general public sympathetic to their cause and to launch them from political obscurity to their current elevated status. Although the AIDS “pandemic” among heterosexuals may now have disappeared, its political usefulness has also since disappeared, with homosexual activists now aggressively changing marriage laws worldwide.

The WHO admission follows the UN’s own admission in November 2007 that its statistics for calculating the worldwide extent of the AIDS “pandemic” were also overblown. The change was motivated in large part due to the evidence made public by Dr. James Chin, former head of a WHO Global Programme on AIDS unit from 1987-1992, and others, that indicated numbers were being inflated by AIDS policymakers to perpetuate the myth of a looming pandemic in the general population.

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