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Bret Weinstein (left) and Tucker CarlsonX

(LifeSiteNews) — The World Health Organization (WHO) is gearing up for a “re-run” of COVID-19 and is seeking to establish a “totalitarian planet” where truth-tellers who call out Big Pharma will be even more aggressively censured than before.

That is the prediction Bret Weinstein made during his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s X program last week.

Weinstein is a former professor of evolutionary biology at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. A self-described “progressive, left-libertarian,” Weinstein has appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast as well as other alternative media in recent years to discuss politics, the medical industry, and treatments for the coronavirus.

“I think it is fair to say that we are in the middle of a coup, that we are actually facing the elimination of our national and our personal sovereignty,” Weinstein argued. “I suspect that some powerful set of forces has decided that consent of the governed is too dangerous to tolerate and that it has begun to unhook it.”

Weinstein has admitted in previous interviews to supporting the COVID shot, though he now says it is dangerous and is likely responsible for nearly 17 million deaths. He told Carlson that the WHO has learned what its blind spots were during COVID-19 and that it is now taking steps to ensure its plans are not disrupted again.

“What I believe is going on is the World Health Organization is now revising the structures that allowed the dissidents to upend the narrative,” he said.

“Come May of this year, your nation is almost certain to sign onto an agreement that in some utterly, vaguely described future … a public health emergency … the Director General of the World Health Organization [will have] total liberty to define in any way that he sees fit.”

“The World Health Organization is above the level of nations and is going to be in a position … to dictate to nations how they are to treat their own citizens, to override their constitutions,” he continued.

Weinstein, who is Jewish, gained national media attention in 2017 when he criticized a woke-inspired “Day of Absence” at Evergreen State that directed white staff and faculty to not show up for work. The event was purportedly aimed at raising awareness about racial disparities. He eventually resigned from the school and received a $250,000 settlement.

Weinstein explained to Carlson that the WHO is seeking to strengthen its ability to mandate vaccines, require gene therapy shots, restrict travel, forbid the use of certain treatments, and censor those who push unapproved information.

Weinstein somberly noted that he has “very little hope” that the U.S. will derail the WHO’s efforts.

“I have a sense that whatever has captured our government is driving this … the U.S wants something to force it to violate our constitutional protections and the World Health Organization is going to be that entity.”

Weinstein also noted that the U.S. government has taken “Orwellian” steps to ensure the general public is not exposed to dissident voices again.

“The Department of Homeland Security actually issued a memo in which it defines three kinds of, I kid you not, terrorism: mis-, dis-, and mal-information,” he explained. “Misinformation are errors. Disinformation are intentional errors, lies. And malinformation are things that are based in truth but cause you to distrust authority.” It is “discussing the lies of your government.”

“I think they thought that they owned enough of the media that they could sell any narrative that they wish. And I think, surprising as it is, they didn’t really understand that podcasts could possibly be a counterbalance,” he said.

In 2020, Weinstein attempted to form a bipartisan “unity” ticket to avoid a Donald Trump or Joe Biden presidency. At the time, he unsuccessfully sought to nominate former Hawaii Congresswoman and one-time Democrat Tulsi Gabbard and Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw. He complained that news of his efforts was being censored on Twitter.

Weinstein further told Carlson that he worries the forces behind this global takeover are likely to cause great harm to mankind.

“Whatever is driving this is not composed of diabolical geniuses who at least have some plan for the future,” he said. “It’s being driven by people who actually do not know what kind of hell they are inviting. They’re going to create chaos from which humanity may well not emerge.”

He also said that it seems like “we’re facing an endgame where … we’re watching our governmental structures and every one of our institutions captured, hollowed out, and turned into a paradoxical inversion of what it’s designed to do.”

Despite his warnings about a dystopian future, Weinstein said that ordinary people “greatly outnumber those” who “are ferociously powerful” but that “the force that we’re up against, Goliath … made a terrible mistake” during COVID. “Goliath took all of the competent people … and it shoved them out of the institutions” and created along the way a “dream team” of “every player you could possibly want on your team to fight some historic battle against a terrible evil.”

“We’ve got all of the people who know how to think,” Weinstein concluded. “I don’t think it’s a slam dunk, but I like our odds.”