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AUSTIN, Texas, April 20, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Openly homosexual pastor Jordan Brown filed a lawsuit claiming that a Whole Foods in Austin added an anti-gay slur to a cake he ordered. Now, the chain has launched a lawsuit alleging he lied about the whole incident.

Brown said he asked for a cake that said “Love Wins,” but after he left the store he discovered the cake said “Love Wins Fag.”

In a lawsuit filed within hours of buying the cake on Monday, Brown said he was seeking damages and monetary relief for mental anguish, court costs and other expenses.

Whole Foods Market quickly produced a surveillance video disputing his story.

“Our team member wrote 'Love Wins' at the top of the cake as requested by the guest, and that's exactly how the cake was packaged and sold at the store,” Whole Foods Marketing Field Associate Rachel Malish responded.

“Our team members do not accept or design bakery orders that include language or images that are offensive,” Malish said.  “Whole Foods Market has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination.”

According to Whole Foods, the employee who decorated the cake is homosexual. “We stand behind our bakery team member, who is part of the LGBTQ community,” they said, “and the additional team members from the store who confirmed the cake was decorated with only the message 'Love Wins.'”

“No team members, including the cashier who rang the guest up, saw this word on the cake,” the store said.

The Whole Foods Market company has taken legal action against Brown to protect its image as a left-leaning outlet in Austin, a progressive city in an otherwise conservative state.

“We believe his accusations are fraudulent and we intend to take legal action against both Mr. Brown and his attorney,” a company statement read.

Besides employee testimony, their security video shows Brown buying the cake, which had its UPC label pasted on the top of the box, while Brown's viral video accusation shows the UPC label on the bottom and side of the box.

Additionally, the letters “Love Wins” and “Fag” are different.  One tweet analyzed, “Clearly not same icing tip used to create F-A-G as rest of letters. Much finer. Had to do double pass.”

If Whole Foods is right, Brown joins an ever-expanding list of alleged anti-LGBT hate crimes that turned out to be fraudulent.

“This is not surprising.  We've seen this before,” Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth told LifeSiteNews. “Sadly, some homosexual activists are so desperate to be seen as victims that they create their own fake 'victim crimes.'”

“It is the terrible truth that you could fill a large book documenting fake homosexual activists 'hate crime' hoaxes,” LaBarbera continued.  “This says a lot about the homosexual movement, that it is forced to manufacture and politicize hate to win sympathy as supposed civil rights victims.”

In November 2013, lesbian Dayna Morales claimed that a couple wrote on their receipt that they would not tip her because they do not “agree with your lifestyle.”  When the couple saw their receipt on TV, they produced the original receipt and their credit card charges, which proved that, not only did they not write the insult, they actually did tip the waitress generously.

In July 2013, lesbian “Charlie” Rogers literally carved a cross and anti-gay slurs into her own chest with a knife, claiming to be the victim of a hate crime.  When her fraud was exposed, she pleaded “no contest” and received one week in jail.

In August 2012, homosexual Joseph Baken claimed three men beat him and called him names, but a video revealed he caused head trauma himself by doing a backflip and smacking his face on the pavement.

In 2012, Central Connecticut State University student Alexandra Pennell’s hate crimes claims sparked a major campus demonstration movement, until a hidden camera caught her planting the hate notes herself.

In May 2013, police charged a lesbian couple in Colorado with writing “Kill the Gay” on their own garage.

Lesbian Kaitlyn Hunt claimed to be the victim of hate, until it was discovered she herself was the victimizer, sexting a 14-year-old girl 20,000 times. Hunt was ultimately charged with sexual battery for repeatedly raping the minor.

The most famous fabricated “hate crime” was the attack of Matthew Shepard. The perpetrators killed him in a botched robbery and said they used a “gay panic” defense in hopes of getting a reduced sentence.

“The truth is, the gay movement is about disordered sexuality, not civil rights,” LaBarbera told LifeSiteNews.