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(LifeSiteNews) — This week’s episode of Faith & Reason is a special one. We have a compilation show for you of everything Jack Maxey has shared with us about what he has uncovered on the Hunter Biden laptop. His tireless work has essentially forced the media to backtrack on its ridiculous claims about the laptop and helps shed light on the U.S. approach to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its dealings with Communist China. Below is an edited transcript of Father James Altman’s introductory remarks. From all of us at Faith & Reason, enjoy this look-back episode and have a great weekend!

A few years ago, during the 2020 election, we found out a bombshell: Hunter Biden had a laptop that ended up in the hands of people who were able to look at that laptop and discover what a corrupt, evil, bad guy he was — as was his father, Joe Biden.

Well, immediately the media began to call it “Russian disinformation,” tried to discredit it, tried to say, “Oh, this is just Trump trying to make up stuff. It’s fake news.” And we heard that for a couple of years — until Jack Maxey came along. He has been trying to get the media to look at all he had found on this laptop, to look at the way in which Hunter Biden and his father Joe committed treason against the United States, how they worked in tens of millions of dollars of kickbacks, payments, oil leases, and all the dealings they had with Ukraine and China.

Well, now we find out — and now even the left-wing media has to admit — exactly what Jack Maxey has been telling us for these past few years: Everything that’s on that laptop, including horrible pictures of indecent behavior, is all true. And Jack now has been able to bring to us the truth that the left has lied about, has covered up, including such things as the codes to Department of Defense computer systems.

And what should astound you, dear family, is that China had a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop with all that information on it. So do you wonder why Biden is so cozied up with Ukraine? Do you wonder why Biden is so cozied up with China? Wonder no more. It’s all on the laptop.

Jack, thank you for all the work you’ve done, putting yourself and your life on the line, to try to reveal to America the absolute despicable corruption of the Biden family, of Joe Biden, and of Hunter Biden. Thank you, Jack. On behalf of America, thank you for all you’ve done.

So, dear family, you’re in for a treat, because the rest of this show is going to be a review of all the things that Jack has talked about on Faith & Reason, all the revelations that he has given to us from that laptop. But more important, how do those revelations relate now to the United States and its interactions with people like Ukraine, people like China? He’ll give us a sense of what is involved geopolitically because of what we have found on the laptop — none of which, remember, we would have known, because the corrupt Biden family covered it up! So stay tuned. You really are in for a treat.

I’ve had the privilege, by the way, of talking to Jack off camera on a number of occasions and outside the show. What you’re about to see is accurate, truthful, and a great synopsis. It’s made easy for you to understand what’s going on in our world today, why we’re in Ukraine, why we’re sending tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine, and how that all ties into the Biden family and some of the other political people who have contracts for oil leases and such over in Ukraine.

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