VANCOUVER, Sept 28 ( – Writer and broadcaster Susan Martinuk, a specialist in reproductive issues, wrote a column in today’s National Post noting the reasons for the interest in using the ova of aborted baby girls for fertility treatments. Martinuk notes that “the ovaries of unborn females are filled with more eggs than those of a young girl or fertile woman because the number of eggs is maximal prior to birth and then declines from birth onwards.” “Although the eggs are immature, they develop when subjected to the right hormones,” she continued. 

Martinuk suggests that scientists will opt for using aborted babies as sources for human ova rather than use an “invasive, costly and risky surgical procedure on a young or adult woman to procure a bit of tissue and a few eggs.” 

In related news, the pioneer of the controversial research Dr. Roger Gosden takes up his post at McGill University this Friday.  

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