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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-life Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis has blasted Canada’s permissive euthanasia laws as being a money-saving measure the government is using to “rid society” of sick people. 

“Medically Assistance in Dying (MAiD) is being used by the gov’t as social policy to save $ and rid society of people who the Liberals see as costly/undesirable,” Lewis tweeted Tuesday. 

“MAiD has turned into a wicked and discriminatory policy to absolve the gov’t of its duty to protect the most vulnerable,” added the staunchly pro-life MP.

Lewis is perhaps the most openly pro-life, high-profile CPC MP in Canada, and has continually blasted the nation’s ever-expanding euthanasia laws as unethical.  

On November 4, in response to a report that a Canadian veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was told by a Veteran Affairs caseworker that euthanasia was an option for him, Lewis described the country’s assisted suicide policies as “shameful.” 

Another high-profile Canadian politician, Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, has also slammed the nation’s permissive euthanasia laws on more than one occasion. 

“MAiD is out of control,” Bernier tweeted Monday, in response to a media report about a disabled man who is seeking euthanasia as a way to avoid continuing to live in poverty,

Earlier this year, Bernier said that the people pushing euthanasia on the vulnerable should be held “criminally responsible” for their actions. 

In September, after notable public outcry by Bernier and others, the province of Saskatchewan removed an option from their automated healthcare phone line that allowed anyone to inquire about government-sanctioned assisted suicide through the click of a button.

Lewis’ and Bernier’s comments come as Canada’s euthanasia laws are set to be further relaxed in March of next year.  

This expansion comes as the result of the 2021 passing of Bill C-7, which expanded the scope of the 2016 law that first legalized the fatal practice.

Bill C-7 took away many “safeguards” found in the 2016 bill, including the prerequisite that the person who is looking to take his or her own life with assistance be terminally ill, and be able to provide their consent at the time of death.  

Bill C-7 also took away the requirement that two witnesses be present to demonstrate that the person who is seeking to kill himself indeed wanted to “die” with medical aid.  

The controversial law also included a clause which declared that starting in March of 2023, “mature minors” and those suffering solely from mental illness will also be able to qualify for doctor-induced death.

Due to these expansions – which now allow the chronically ill to choose death, instead of just the terminally ill – a recent report highlighted how disabled Canadians are now choosing assisted suicide to escape poverty, with another report stating that doctors in Canada are being urged to promote euthanasia as an option to sick patients. 

Even pro-abortion CPC leader Pierre Poilievre has spoken out against the nation’s euthanasia laws, rejecting the notion that the laws should be further expanded.

The expansion of euthanasia in Canada continues

In addition to Bill C-7, yet another law seeking the expansion of euthanasia has been introduced into the Senate.

Senator Pamela Wallin’s Bill S-248, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying),is currently in its second reading and if passed, would allow Canadians to “consent” to be killed at a future date, even if the person cannot consent by the time that date is reached.

Recently, the pro-life Delta Hospice Society told LifeSiteNews that as a result of this increased legal permissiveness towards euthanasia, “thousands” of Canadians have moved to protect themselves from assisted suicide by signing up for the group’s “Do Not Euthanize’ Advance Directive (DNE).”

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