UPDATED: Canada’s Conservative Party ousted pro-life MP Derek Sloan

Pro-abortion party leader Erin O’Toole wants to remove Sloan for accepting a $131 donation from a ‘well-known white supremacist’ who used pseudonym to donate.
Wed Jan 20, 2021 - 3:37 pm EST
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Derek Sloan

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[UPDATE, Jan. 20, 2021, 3:50 p.m.: Pro-life Conservative Party MP Derek Sloan has been ejected from the Conservative caucus. Developing …]

January 20, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Many Conservative Party (CPC) MPs are reportedly looking to back pro-life CPC MP Derek Sloan, whose fate in the party is being decided today in a secret vote after party leader Erin O’Toole called for him to be ousted over accepting a $131 donation from a “well-known white supremacist” who used a pseudonym to give money.

According to an opinion piece published in the National Post and the Alberta based Western Standard (WS) by Derek Fildebrandt, a former Alberta MLA and Publisher of the Western Standard, “One veteran Conservative with inside knowledge of the matter says that several MPs intend to vote against O’Toole’s demand to expel Sloan … if they get a secret ballot.”

“From the MPs I have spoken to at least, the Conservative caucus is bitterly divided. And they tell me that they are afraid that O’Toole could come for them next,” he added.

A report published in the Western Standard today suggests that the vote on Sloan could go either way.

“The vote is in flux right now — the vote could go either way,” an anonymous source told the Western Standard. “There are dozens [of MPs] prepared to vote against O’Toole … The attack on Sloan is not going well.”

The source also said that O’Toole is “panicking” and that he could decide to bring forth “other alleged indiscretions to strengthen the case against Sloan.”

“The Quebec caucus is expected to vote en masse for Sloan’s expulsion, said the source, adding they could be up against Ontario MPs because that province has the best organized social conservative movement in the country,” according to the Western Standard.

When asked if O’Toole should lose the vote in ousting Sloan, the Western Standard reported that their source said “No one knows what will happen.”

“The Liberals could call an election at any moment … It’s just the idiotic nature of this manoeuvre – if he wanted to get rid of Sloan there are many, easier ways to do it,” the Western Standard’s source said.

Another Western Standard report said a “high-ranking Tory, who served on the party’s Leadership Organizing Committee,” told them anonymously that booting Sloan is due to worries that his “social conservative followers were planning to ‘hijack’ the looming Tory convention.”

“This is not about Sloan — this is about the people who go to the convention as voting delegates and get to decide future policy of the party,” said the source, who added he has spoken to many MPs who are furious with their leader’s actions,” the source said.

On Monday, CPC leader Erin O’Toole announced he had “initiated the process” to remove Sloan from the caucus via the Reform Act, due to what he says was an acceptance of a $131 donation from a “well-known white supremacist” named Paul Fromm to the Conservative Party of Canada in August 2020.   

A recent Press Progress report had previously noted that an individual named Paul Fromm had donated a total of $131 to the CPC in August 2020. 

The CPC “confirmed” to Press Progress that the money was directed to Sloan’s leadership campaign. O’Toole said he was “outraged” at the news of Fromm’s donation and promised an investigation into the matter. 

Fromm, whose donation came under the alias Frederick P. Fromm, as Sloan says he discovered, is described as a white supremacist tied to the “neo-Nazi” label.

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It was later in the day after the Press Progress report was published that O’Toole sent out his statement saying he had started the process to remove Sloan. 

Sloan immediately fought back with a response, saying in a Facebook video, the CPC’s top brass “picked a fight with the wrong person.”

Sloan also sent out a detailed statement late Monday, in which he noted Fromm used an alias when he donated, was a member of the CPC, and voted in the leadership race. 

In his statement, posted before his Facebook video, Sloan said Fromm had used an alternate name when he donated, was a member of the CPC, and voted in the leadership race.

Sloan added that he learned “for the first time” about Fromm’s $131 donation in the late afternoon Monday and that upon further investigation, he discovered that “it was clear the donation was made using the name Frederick P Fromm.”

Elections Canada stipulates that the disclosure of a donor name is required only for contributions over $200, meaning that the only entities likely to have known about Fromm’s donation would be Sloan or the CPC.

The Reform Act was passed in 2015, and while it technically it allows for MPs to have a freer vote in the House of Commons, it states that to expel an MP from the caucus, at least 20 percent of the party members must first agree to trigger a review. A majority M.P. vote is then required.

In an email sent out today to his followers, Sloan urged them to “stick with this process” and participate in the upcoming CPC virtual convention in March.

“More importantly, I urge you to stick with this process. It should now be very evident just how important it is that we have a strong presence at the upcoming convention. If we do not, the types that wish to send me packing will do our party great damage,” wrote Sloan.

The CPC elected pro-abortion O’Toole, who claims to be Catholic, as the new leader of the party early in August. Sloan came in fourth place behind Leslyn Lewis and Peter MacKay.

On Tuesday, Canada’s Liberal party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he is “pleased” that O’Toole has “finally decided to take leadership” and moved to boot out pro-life CPC MP Derek Sloan from the party.

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) has asked its supporters to “flood” their Conservative MPs and party HQ with a demand that they vote no in removing Sloan from the party, and to “respectfully request that Erin O’Toole walk back this disgraceful attack on Sloan.”

They are also asking their members not to “quit” the CPC or the upcoming policy convention.

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