FRANCE, Jan 28 (LifeSiteNews) – FEFA, the European Forum for Human and Family Rights has raised an alarm over the process which has begun to develop a European Charter of Fundamental Rights.  Sounding suspicious of the people working on this process, FEFA notes that “other tools already exist to achieve [their] goal.” The European NGO (non-governmental organization) has expressed concern about the impact of the charter on national sovereignty for European nations as well as the reopening of a “very contentious debate about whose rights need protecting, and about which social behaviour or practices should be accorded protection by the community.”

One of the most disturbing revelations, notes FEFA, is that “in order to define rights included in the Charter, the recommendations adopted by the European Parliament Women’s Rights Committee, 14th December 1999 (PE 232.347), will be considered. These include the statement, “as such there are no family rights.” FEFA is an NGO founded by Carlo Casini, a former Member of the European Parliament. “It’s aim is to follow progress of the European Union and the Council of Europe regarding Human and Family Rights, to promote the recognition of these rights and to alert leaders and members of the civil society about their evolution,  …”