WASHINGTON, Feb 8 (  LifeSite has learned that the US delegation and agenda setters for the June Cairo+5 conference are as pro-abortion as their Canadian counterparts. Frank Loy, the US under secretary of state for global affairs will lead the US delegation to The Hague International Forum February 8-12, a preparatory meeting for the up-coming June Cairo+5 conference.

In a press conference, Loy mused (as did the Canadian government) that “an historic consensus was reached at the ICPD in Cairo that universal access to family planning and related reproductive health services will help empower women to decide for themselves how many children to have and when to have them.” Translated, this means they want to cut back on third world population growth.  Loy proudly announced US funding for “international population and reproductive rights”  (depopulation and abortion/contraception) has been “more than $3 billion” between 1994 and 1999.

Last week, LifeSite reported that the Canadian contribution to the Cairo+5 meeting is scandalously anti-life with the Canadian government enlisting a Planned Parenthood offshoot (ACPD) as its official partner in preparing for the conference. A report by the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute noted that the government gave ACPD $60,000.

CAFHRI also noted that pro-life lobbyists from the Knights of Columbus were rejected from the preparatory meetings. ACPD executive director Katherine McDonald, a past president of PPFC and a former IPPF board member, will be attending the Hague meeting and is expected to be part of Canada’s Cairo+5 delegation.

For more on the Canadian Cairo+5 prepcom see last week’s LifeSite report:
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