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September 21, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Hopefully you saw my email last week announcing the launch of our fall fundraising campaign. We have been experiencing a war-like ramp up of censorship by the Big Tech companies and their mainstream media allies in recent weeks, especially against Christian, conservative, patriotic voices. That’s because we are exposing what they want to remain hidden from the public.  

And, they are determined that Trump and the Republicans MUST LOSE this time – no matter what it takes. This possible outcome will be disastrous, as the Biden-Harris administration is overwhelmingly against life, family, and faith.

I appeal to you today and stress how important it is that we receive your support, especially in these dramatic, revolutionary times.  

The stories and petitions that we publish clearly need to reach the public, without censorship, for many critical reasons. 

Recently, several LifeSite petitions went viral on social media and the internet, including one against mandatory vaccinations, and the other against mask mandates. Together, those petitions have received nearly 1,000,000 signatures!  

Yet, Facebook would not allow this information, which counters their narrative, to be freely spread. They actively censored the petition against mask-mandates, calling it “abusive” for some people, even though it was backed up with the best scientific and medical information.  

Later, Facebook restored the share link, calling their own decision “a mistake.” This incident illustrates that if people and organizations do not cower to the censors in Big Tech, truth will always prevail.  

This is exactly why we need your support to continue this important work.

With fear, censorship, and distrust rampant everywhere right now, remember that LifeSite is committed to bringing you stories that protect life, family, faith, and freedom – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Our free news service comes at a cost and many readers have stepped up to support our efforts in this battle for our culture, for freedom, and for future generations. 

Today, we need our most committed supporters to give a gift of $50 to sustain our efforts to change the culture year-round. If you are able to give a gift today, please use this secure link:

Will you join them today and give a gift that will stop lies, defend truth in the face of censorship, and preserve the traditional principles of our culture, including the importance of freedom?